In March: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Greetings Dear brothers and sisters! In March we had special trips to the Belinichy orphan school. This month we have covered 3FdYn6NWBPEthe topic of the miracles of Jesus. With these lessons DQSNpx-cl0wwe wanted to show that everything is possible with God. Often we do not fully understand that our God is omnipotent. We wanted to reveal new qualities of God and show how God had compassion for people who go through different stages in life. It is in sickness that we often think that God does not care about us. But it is at these moments that God supports us going through various trials. There are many children in Byalynichi orphan school who need not only a miracle, but close relationships with God. And why do we need relationships with God, we only need to receive our miracle? But we said that closeness with God gives us comfort and also helps us get through difficult stages in life. Why did God allow such health problems then we also began to say that parents chose sin, and sin always destroys the lives of not only those who sin, but also the children who live in this family. The free will we have leads us either to sin or to God.

8e4Tno4Rx4QThe lesson flew by and the guys came up and told y2s0CRVBQrU (1)their thoughts and what they liked about the topics. But most importantly, they talk about how they feel, how they go through their difficulties. Thank you for conducting these topics, they helped us to see God in a completely different way. This was said by the guys who recently arrived at the boarding school. We see that visits to the boarding school are very valuable for children. We are pleased to hear when the guys pray, they thank God for our arrival and are glad that God saved everyone from covid-19. We are also actively preparing for the summer camp. Many children already know about the upcoming camp and are praying that summer will come soon. Many kids are new, have heard about the camp and are constantly asking about what will happen. We say that this will be a special time when we will live the place! We will be like a family kids ask! We say, of course, it is important for God that we come to you and show His love in deeds. We thank you friends for your prayers and for your participation in the ministry to orphan kids in Belarus. Thank you for being with us during this difficult time. God bless you!

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