In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: April 29, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Hello, our dear readers!
8XGG8U-T4lUThis month we told the guys about the miracles of Jesus that he performed during his life on Earth. We have repeatedly told them about the resurrection of the daughter of Jairus, as well as about the resurrection of Lazarus. But every time new guys come to us, for whom these stories are new, and those who hear them not for the first time, learn more and more to admire God, for whom anything is possible!Z9Wynq62fe4
When we tell about the Jesus’s miracles, faith is strengthened in children’s hearts, and after such Bible lessons, children with great desire ask to pray with them for their personal needs. Polina asks to pray for her eyesight and God sending her good doctors, Vitalik and Nazar ask to pray for their parents’ freedom from alcohol addiction. Someone asks to pray for the strength to forgive the offenders, someone pray for academic success, and graduates for passing the upcoming exams. All these moments confirm that the word of God is alive and effective, because stories about Christ strengthen faith and give hope to children!
aGLsGDg8ZnIWe devoted our other meetings with the guys from Rudensk to Easter. Unfortunately, in the modern world many children and adults are limited only to associations with cakes, eggs and rabbits! That is why we try to talk more about Christ at this time, about His crucifixion, death and resurrection in order to convey to the children the true meaning of Easter.Q1e2LZ6wWhc We invited a puppet theater to one of the meetings, where the characters told about Easter – starting with the story of Moses and the Egyptian plagues. In addition to the theatrical performance, we held games, where both older and younger children could participate and get sweet prizes. And at the last meeting of this month, Dima held a bible lesson, where he also talked about Easter, but already telling the children in detail about the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ for each of them personally, as well as about the love of God for people, Who sent His Only Son into this world so that everyone would have the opportunity to be saved and spend their eternity with God! We thank everyone who supports our ministry and wholeheartedly congratulate you on the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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