In April:“Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

This month, there was one Ksyusha in the shelter for a while, because the rest of the children were taken into the family. Ksyusha photo_2023-05-05 00.03.46is about 7-8 years old. When we last visited the children who were with Ksyusha at the same time, she already knew then that she would be left alone, approached each person from the team and said that she would be waiting for all of us next Tuesday. A couple of weeks later, a new girl, Zhenya, who is three and a half years old, appeared in the shelter. It was obvious from Ksyusha that she was jealous. SGK1rC2vK-4When I asked her what was the matter, she admitted it herself that she did not like that all the attention was immediately on Zhenya. It was felt that Ksyusha lacked attention and love. Zhenya and Ksyusha were always glad to see us, they loved to dance, sing, and also play with us. Smart girls for their age. Ksyusha is very good at retelling the biblical stories that we told her, absorbs everything like a sponge, although not diligent.b9zomLdj21o
Zhenya is also developed beyond her years, even they tried to convey to her that God created everything, that He is Kind and loving. A couple of weeks ago, more children arrived, some of them toddlers, some older, and some teenagers in general. They are all disposed to our visits, communicate with us, hug and say that they will be waiting for us next time. They were told that it would be nice for them to read from the Bible about Jesus, and by the next time we arrived, they hadphoto_2023-05-04 23.23.56 actually read, and even more than one story. Julia, who is 14 years old, read half of the children’s Bible in a week.
Teenagers listened well to the story about the real meaning of the Easter holiday, about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and answered questions, it was clear that they were interested. They even asked themselves how Jesus celebrated Easter, if Easter is a holiday, that Jesus has risen, which suggests that they are reading not just for show, but thinking and being interested.
On the last Tuesday of the month, we told the children the parable of the prodigal son, and the older children were particularly impressed by this story, especially the behavior of the father. Matvey said that such things are not forgiven and you need to have a lot of love to be able to forgive everything that the prodigal son did. The guys said they never knew that God loves people so much! Thank God for each of them and that the word of God changes and transforms the lives of these children!

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