“Meeting with the orphanage alumni”

Posted: May 15, 2012 by Dobr9k in Uncategorized

    Not so long ago we had a very interesting and heart-warming meeting. We went to a little town of Marjina Gorka where six former wards of Slutsk orphanage study. Those young people graduated from orphanage two years ago. At present Slutsk orphanage is closed and its wards were redirected to other different orphanages. Elder orphans were sent to colleges.
Besides our weekly visits to orphanages we reg
ularly meet with orphanage alumni. We don’t get such meetings often as we can’t visit all Belarusian towns. We all hope that God will create new teams, will find new people eager to serve abandoned children both during their time at the orphanage and outside its walls.
Such meetings are usually equally full of joy and sadness because when we get to
gether we learn how former orphans are dealing with their lives. We are happy when we hear that they could get into college or get a good job, create a healthy and strong family and we are delighted when we get to know that they attend church. However, not everybody can get on with their lives. Sometimes we learn that someone from the orphanage has become a single parent, got into prison, abuses alcohol or drugs. Sometimes we learn about premature deaths of orphanage alumni. Why does it happen? May be it is because too often those youngsters are left alone with their feelings and problems. There is nobody to support them, to give good advice and help them overcome their hardships. That is why we call upon you to be more considerate and compassionate towards the people who are around you and especially towards orphans. It is God Himself who promises to bless those who care for at least one orphan.
Youngsters we met at Marjina Gorka are currently senior students at college. And again they face the question what to do after they graduate. That’s why, our foremost intention is to keep in touch with them and help them out with such social issues as housing and further education, we direct them to churches where they can get support and help.
We genuinely thank everybody who supports us in our ministry!

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