In April: Smilovichi orphanage

Posted: May 7, 2012 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

I want to greet you with good news – Jesus arise!
As usual we are happy to share with you the joy and positive that we get to travel to an orphanage in Smilovichi. This month we visited the children in the orphanage twice. Our meetings were filled with socializing, games and creativity. Each of these three components of the kids devoured with such joy that we were simply amazed! All that we offered them, they did with such enthusiasm and joy that is not inspired, it was not real. For example, when the first meeting, we decorate pictures, but not with pencils but with modeling clay, kids did it with such zeal that many turned out much better than suggested example. And even those who are older, in the end asked for more pictures, to continue the pleasure. I can’t even tell you how nice to see through their masks of the older, adult children (as they consider themselves) a child who needs love, affection and attention.
At the second meeting, we told the children the story of Noah and the flood through which children learned that God always keeps His promises. Then we decorate with a picture-fan in the form of a rainbow, ark and all the heroes of history, which was also seen by children with great enthusiasm.
This orphanage is in need of financial assistance. Whenever possible, we are bringing them from time to time children’s clothes, toys, and even just toilet paper. If you have a desire to somehow help these children and this orphanageyou can leave a comment and we’ll let you all possible assistance.

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