In October:”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 2, 2012 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Hi! Thanks God, this month we had a possibility to visit the orphanage in Belinichy every week – in opposite to the previous month situation when due to the transport problems and lack of money we’ve been in Belinichy only twice.
This month we’ve got a lot of newcomers. We talked about the Bible, about the creation of the world, about a sin. Using the simplest illustrations we’ve tried to demonstrate to children, how wonderful the God’s world is, how God created the first men and how the sin came to be. For example, to demonstrate how powerful the sin is, we used an ordinary thread. We asked one boy to step forward, and tied up his hands with a thread. Then we asked him to release himself and he did it without any difficulties. He was happy to handle it so easily. That’s how the man thinks about a sin – he believes that he can simply set himself free in any time.
Then we tied boy’s hands with a thread four times. It wasn’t so easy this time, but finally the boy tore the threads. But, as we wanted to illustrate, that we often keep sinning against God on and on – we tore his hands with more and more threads, enumerating sins that people usually commit unaware of doing anything wrong. We named the theft, which makes people lazy, not able to earn for their leaving by a fair hard work, leading them to jail at last. Envy, which destroys relations, friendships, love between people, leads to murders and jail. Fornication, which often results in a sin of killing one’s own children – abortion. Hard drinking, which enslaves people and ruins their lives e t.c. Finally the boy found his hands braided with threads, which he couldn’t tore, even with the help of his friends (they could help but not using the scissors and not trying to tear threads with teeth). This illustration helped us to explain how strong and dangerous the sin is – even so it looks as inoffensively as a thread.
That’s how we trying to illustrate the Bible lessons.
We are faithfully to those people, who pray for us and who makes donation so that we could continue our lessons!

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