In October: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 7, 2012 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello, dear friends! Thank God that we have the opportunity to continue to serve children who live in orphanages! We have the pain for our nation, children’s future and I pray that your heart will imbued with the problem.
Smilovichi is an orphanage that we have been visiting for two years. For me, this year was special because we have been able to impart to a child more.  God showed me that the foundation of Christian principles must be laid down in a child since childhood. This month we have begun the Bible lessons where children can learn more about God how much each of them is important for Him. We did not have this opportunity last year. Now the main aim for us is to show children that everybody is special and unique, and also talk about the fact that they have Father in heaven who is always looking forward to meeting with them. We can talk them about God not only who He is but we show the example of the attitude towards them.
Sometimes we just play with them, so we know even more of their habits, their ability to take winning and losing. You cannot imagine how great it is to hug children and to serve them. I believe that sowing of seed will give good fruits in its time. Pray, pray with faith for awakening in the hearts of these children! Almighty God bless you!
Last month we told story about Sergei and Julia. For today these children are in foster family. We have not contacts with them, but our hearts believe that God does not leave and will support them in difficult times. Who read their story, knows that these children had been abandoned twice, and we really don’t want this to happen again. So we ask to pray for Sergei and Julia they need our support, it is the biggest support for them to date, although they may have not yet realized it…

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