In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: September 29, 2013 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

This month, we organized not only games and sport events for children at Rudenskij orphanage, DSC03048but also communication one on one. Besides that, we saw that children are ready to meet us and listen to Bible lessons. For this reason, we had first Bible topic this academic year.
Obviously, more boys participated inDSC03002 sports. Some of them played soccer, others volleyball and tennis. Girls were ready to have personal communication. They have missed us after 2 months summer break! We are glad that children have learned to communicate not only with us but with each other. Previously, we had to motivatDSC03015e them to talk. They are expressing their emotions freely, so they were willing to share about the past summer. Some children told us that they got to meet their parents, others were worried abouDSC03001t argument with a friend, and others passed finals successfully and spend summer vacation abroad.
Both boys and girls participated in other games. We love those moments when we can observe children and see their characters. WDSC03050e see how they react to winning and losing, what is their attitude to each other.
During our first meeting we had topic: “Friendship.” As the Biblical example, we used friendship between Jesus Christ and Peter. We tried to explain how important is to trust each other, spend time with each other, and to forgive. We hope that it will be useful for their lives!
Next month, we plan to emphasize human relationships. We will try to show how important is to be faithful to a friend, and how to build proper relationships between boy and a girl according to the Bible. We hope to be able to visit this orphanage new month as well.

  1. Егор Т. says:

    Thank you very much for the news!
    It is so great to hear that children love you that much that they have missed you after 2 months summer break! It is so wonderful that thanks to you the children have learned how to communicate with you and with each other and freely talk about their feelings! This is priceless! Great idea for the lesson about friendship! You do everything well! Good for you! Praise The Lord!
    Огромное спасибо за новости!

    Так замечательно услышать, что дети вас любят, что они так сильно по вас соскучались за два летних месяца! Так здорово, что благодаря вам дети научились общаться с вами и друг другом и открывать свои чувства! Это безценно! Отличная идея для темы урока о дружбе! Вы всё хорошо делаете! Молодцы! Слава Богу!

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