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In December: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: December 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Children should smile, laugh, have fun and make friends.  DSC03483And we should teach them how to do it honestly and sincerely.  But it’s difficult for lonely children even to dream. Little children from Grozovo boarding school face this problem too. IMG_7500But childhood is the best time of your life to dream. Watching orphans I noticed that they just live expecting their lives to change. Obviously, most of them are waiting for their parents, who left them, to take them back home. Some can’t wait to finish school and leave this place forever. But in spite of all these expectations, they are afraid of what life is waiting for them behind the wall. They are afraid to be left again. DSC03527I so do want to teach these “little people” to dream, to make goals and to reach them. I want to teach them to fight their fears and doubts.

DSC03504This month we’ve tried to stick to the aim we put before ourselves: “Children in the hands of Loving God”. I believe it wasn’t in vain. Every time we met with them we tried to remind children that they are important for God and He loves them. They will no longer feel that they are alone and abundant when they realize how much God loves them.

They have been on 2 week holidays since the 24th December. Some children went to have holidays abroad; some of them were taken by Christian families, but still some of them are spending Christmas time in school. That’s why I ask you, let’s be praying for them, that they feel close to God this Christmas holidays.

In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

A fabulous month, one of the most expected. On the threshold of Christmas,IMG_7632 IMG_7622I think, the very air is full of festival. Each pre-Christmas week we are lighting candles and talking to kids about piece, joy and hope. They love being involved in the Bible lessons. So we light candles and give them to each child. IMG_7973IMG_76482During the lesson the children are holding their candles, looking very imported and inspired. It gives them the feeling of being really important.
It’s amazing to see love in their faces, to see joy of meeting us each time IMG_7965IMG_7939(even if the children express it kicking you at the back! )
Each time you go to the orphanage, you preserve hope that at least some of these children will choose the right way in life and won’t get lost in this severe world. Because they will know that way. And because they will step on it, knowing there’re people who love them and care.
When I go there, I praise the Lord for that opportunity. Because we learn much from these kids – learn to open our hearts towards people and to be grateful for each and every moment of life.