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In January: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: January 29, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

A Christmas programme was held in Rudensk this month. Children could sIMG_9771ee and understand why Christ IMG_9732came to Earth and how difficult it is to live without God. We were very happy to see children and especially teachers who had an opportunity to hear gospel. After the performance children got presents. Every child always waits for this moment! That’s so pleasant to see happy children’s faces! That’s why we are thankful to those who helIMG_9800ped to collect these gifts and participatedIMG_9786 financially! Thank God for your work!
Besides the Christmas meeting we had “stag -parties” and “hen-parties” this month. Girls were learning cooking. They could show their worth in “Culinary science”. We are glad that girls already have certain abilities, but we decided to enrich their knowledge sometimes. At the end we prayed for each of them could be a good wife and mom in future. Boys were discussing the topic: “IMG_1948Success and prospeIMG_1972rity in life”. Guys were talking about what you need to do to be successful and how to use it in practice. Many of the boys will graduate from the school this year so in our opinion they need to get a good and simple piece of advice. For example, how to use money correctly and how to have good relationships with people. We shared our personal experience and it was like a key to open the hearts of teenagers. As the biblical example we took the life of Joseph. The conclusion was the fact that Joseph was very successful because God was always with him.
In February we are planning to devote most of our meetings to such topics as: “The Bible is the word of God”, “What for am I studying the Bible”, “the Bible as a life guideline” and also to add watching films based in these topics. We ask you to pray for these meetings not to be useless!

In January: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: January 28, 2014 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

We live in Belarus. In our country Christmas is celebrated twice a year. It’s a good time for our team, when we have more access to orphanages and even greater number of children and teachers, whom IMG_9874we can tell about Jesus Christ.
This month we had an opportunity to hold a Christmas program for children from Belinichy school – boarding. During December we came to these children and talked to them about Advent – the waitIMG_9911 time for Christmas. In January, the culmination of all was the Christmas campaign. When we arrived to this school-boarding, chiIMG_9926ldren were already waiting for us. Everyone was exited who came with us and what was in that big boxes, which we brought.  There were some people with us, who showed a  puppet show. It was interesting to watch the kids for the way they learn, start asking questions about what will happen today, and then they began to talk about themselves.
The show had begun. All of the seats in the hall were occupied, all the children had come. Also there were present some educators and part of administrators of the boarding school. Christmas- isIMG_9933 IMG_9839a good opportunity to remind people, no matter of their age, about God’s love and about the sense of this celebration. With the help of these puppets children and adults could better the essence of Christmas and with the aim of the Savior’s parish into the world. Besides the main performance, there were conduct various games and there was a good opportunity to learn good Christian songs with the children. After the Christmas performance children were given good Christmas presence. But we hope thaIMG_1985t the childIMG_2005ren could get not only the gifts of candy and hygiene items, but they also were able to experience what a great gift of God has done for us by sending His Son into the world.
Besides the festive program on Christmas, we also had meetings at which we told the children about the importance of  communication with God. We said that God does not always answer our prayers the way we would like Him to answer us. Because He knew better what we need, then we are. As usual, there was a variety in our way of communication with the children. There were different songs, games and individual communication. Here are our news for this month!

In January: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: January 28, 2014 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

At the moment, in orphanage of Smilovici, the number of children has reduced by 5 children. Some childrDSC03566en were taken back to their families. Now we have to pray and hope that children DSC03554will never leave their moms and dads again. We have to pray for children to keep in mind their knowledge about Jesus and tell their parents about Him.
This month we were telling children who Jesus is, about His purpose of coming in this world. We also told them about the way to get to Heaven. Except Bible Studies, we were holding a lot of interesting games. Some of the games were held for all ages, for other games children had to be distributed into small age-groups. At the moment, we have more children of 3-6 years old than other ages. ChilDSC03560dren have learned some new songs and revised the songs that they already know. At one of the handicraft lessons children made bracelets usinIMG_2045g many-colored beads. Each color had each own sense in it. By the end of the lesson, children had many-colored bracelets and learned another bible story. It was a pity that we didn’t have enough time. We feel that older children lack of personal communication. Somebody is happy about conversations with their parents on the phone and they want to talk about this. Somebody is upset. So next month, if it is God’s will we are planning to spend more time with children, talking to them in private. Especially it’s very important for older guys.

In December: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: January 3, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Greetings, brothers and sisters!
I thank God that during all this times we were able to fulfill the great God’s command by serving orphIMG_7576aned children. This year was a special one, we believe, that the seed that we planted in the hearts of orphans bIMG_7545y means of prayers and our ministering will continue to grow and in due time will bear much fruit in the form of changed orphans’ lives.
The last month we were able to visit the children in the Rudensk orphanage five times. The last month of the year is the month of expectation of the birth of Jesus Christ. During December we talked with the orphans about Advent – the timeIMG_7562 of expectation of Christmas. As a symbol at each lesson we lighted a candle. Children liked a lot the moment of lighting a candle because each candle had a specific meaning. The first candle symbolized the fact that Christ has brought Peace to the earth. It is especially relevant to the orphans because most of them do not have peace nor with their relatives nor with God.DSC03467
The second candle symbolizes Joy because we do not need to earn salvation – Jesus Christ gives us salvation freely! With each meeting we had more and more children. Since they already knew that we would light up the candles they started to ask in advance that they would get to hold the candle this time.  At the third mIMG_7546eeting we talked about the fact that Christ has brought us hope. In my opinion orphans especially need hope for a better life here on earth and for meeting God in after life.
The fourth candle symbolizes God’s love which God proved in Jesus Christ Who suffered by bearing the punishment for sins of those who would believe in Him. At the last meeting which took place on December 25 we lighted the last candle which symbolIMG_7836izes the long awaited Holiday – Christmas! The morning we had fellowship in the church but the afternoon we decided to dedicate to children of Rudensk orphanage.  We sang the songs, had fellowship and watched a cartoon about ChIMG_7550ristmas.
If God willing, on January 15th we are planning to bring to orphans theatrical show with giving away of Christmas presents. We hope that it is going to be not just entertainment show and presents but another opportunity for children to hear about birth of the Savior.
We are thankful to God for opening of hearts of orphanage administration so we can continue to minister to these orphans! Please pray for the orphans and orphanage administration so we could continue to minister to orphans and God in this place.