In January: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: February 2, 2014 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

IMG_1900This month, we met with our children again, who had two weeks of winter holidays. During one of the lessons, we discussed how they spent the Christmas holidays. Every child told us where they were, with whom they communicated, and what did they do. Many of them spent the New Year in Ireland. They received a lot of giIMG_1918fts, they watched various performances, played a lot, and just walked around the festive city. All the children had very good memories and emotions. Almost all of them were very happy, they left Ireland with good experiences. Every child wanted to share his joy with us. It was very nice to talk to them.
Every time we come, they met us, hug us, and just want to be heard. We are trying to pay more attention to each child. Currently, there is the issue of closing of Grozovsky orphanage. Children will be able to live there only until the summer. After that, graduates will leave to study in different cities. The rest of the children, who have not yet graduated from high school, will be allocated in various orphanages around the country. Some of the children, those who are a little more fortunate, will be sent toIMG_1916 new families. Several young children may leave soIMG_1887on. Therefore, we are trying to invest as much as possible in the children of this orphanage. So that even if we will not see them in the future, they will always remember what we taught them at our Bible lessons.
This month, orphans got to know good Biblical parables: “The Parable of the Prodigal Son”, “The Parable of the Good Samaritan.” We hope that guys will always remember that God is always waiting for them and accepts them the way they are. It is important and useful exercise to be good to other people. Besides our regular meetings, we had a Christmas program. Musical meeting, which was dedicated to Christmas, took place in this orphanage. Every child was able to get a gift after it.

  1. Егор Т. says:

    Да, это очень важно уделять внимание каждому ребенку! Каждый день молюсь о том, чтобы ваша команда росла, чтобы у вас было ещё больше волонтёров, чтобы вы могли больше уделять времени для персонального общения с каждым ребенком.
    Правильно, что вы пытаетесь уделить этим детям как можно больше времени из-за того что детский дом закрывается – возможно это будет для них единственный шанс стать свободными узнав Истину – Иисуса Христа!
    И очень хорошие Библейские истории вы выбрали для этого!
    Молюсь о вас и о сиротах.

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