In January: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: February 7, 2014 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Grace and peace to all who follow the news of our team and read our page!
First impressions in January are positive. Our children are longing for us, rested at home, with friends, IMG_1920and someone just in orphanage. Despite the huge vacation holidays, gifts, chocolates, it’s nice to know that you are waited for more than just a Santa Claus. TIMG_1937hough not everyone, but it’s cool! It surprises me and inspires! It’s inspiring that someone wants to improve his live and to know God, who can simply love.
In our first visit, everyone who was with us, told us what they were doing, how they celebrated Christmas and what gifts did they received. It’s great that they trust us their experiences, joys and sometimes sorrows from the “small” gifts. We’ve just wanted to talk, as through it we build the communication relationshIMG_1935ip. I started the communication with the fact that today I want not only me to talk, but I would like to hear the voice of each of the children. At the end, there was an IMG_1923encouraging word from the Bible for the upcoming academic quarter, that for having wealth and success in life, we must endeavor (Proverbs 21:5).  We were praying and asking God to help us with it. We have also talked about the unfairness, how to react on it according to the Bible as an example of the Apostle Paul and the Book of Proverbs. The topic raised great interest and debate since it was hard for them to accept the fact that they can not revenge enemies by responding with evil on evil, rejoice to the grief of their enemy. I believe that this word has touched everyone, because we all face with injustice. Only they can do their choice, we gave it to them and showed alternative reaction and behavior to such cases.

  1. Егор Т. says:

    Привет, ребята! Потсоянно с нетерпением читаю ваши новости! 🙂 Спасибо за то что постоянно пишете о том, что происходит! 🙂
    Слава Богу, что дети всегда ждут вас с нетерпением – это значит что они вас любят!
    Это очень здорово, что вы каждому сироте уделяется внимание и выслушиваете каждого персонально – им очень важно знать, что они кому-то нужны.
    Вы делаете сверх-нужную работу, Слава Богу за вас!

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