In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 6, 2014 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

DSC03968DSC03977Certainly, Easter holiday was the biggest event this month! The festive program was organized for the children from Belynichsky boarding school. The children could hear an Easter message and see it. The theatrical group “Lily of Valleys” was invited on a visit. There was shown a story about birds who appeared once in a cage because of the envious person. Having lost freedom, birds became embittered, DSC04191DSC04219covered with wounds and lost hope. But thanks to the kind owner who won against the enemy and opened the cage, they received eternal freedom. It was not only a drama, but it was the real story how Jesus Christ rescued us and gave us freedom in the same way two thousand years ago.
Besides, the children heard a parable about the prodigal son on one of meetings. The purpose of this meeting was to show that God was ready to accept us as we were with all our sins, but a choice was for us. Besides Bible lesson we as always sang a lot,DSC04183 DSC03995played and our team sang the song about the prodigal son for the children that day.
One more our meeting was just communication. Such meetings are useful to that we can pay more attention to each child. The members of our team usually spend time with the children in small groups. So we learn more about personal experiences of the children, about their study and what happens in their life. As we have opportunity to pray together with the children for their needs.
Thank God for His presence in the ministry to the orphans! And we are thankful to people who prays for us and for our ministry!

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