In May: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Another academic year is almost over. Our friends will have exams soon, then entering exams. Some DSC04581of them will enter a job and become adults immediately. They are obviously worried now and we worry together with them too. What is waiting for them in their lives? What choices will they make in different DSC04633situations and how they will use the knowledge we have already given to them? I cannot imagine how it all will work but I just believe that our God will take care of our lovely boys and girls and He will look after them as a loving 3u_0xf4oQ6kFather. I am happy that many of them know Christ and know that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and they know that they always have a choice.
DSC04552Our guys like when they can talk to us separately, in groups of boys and girls where they can discuss different topics and ask questions. During our last meeting girls talked DSC04322about conflicts and the ways of solving such problems. What was interesting is that girls gave some concrete real situations from their own experience. Nastya, with the help of the Bible, helped the girls to analyze those situations, thinking about the consequences and making wise summaries. Unfortunately, the time we had wasn’t enough and that’s why we started corresponding with themDSC04570. A lot of children there don’t have mobile phones and that’s why we decided to use their exercise-books where they can write about their lives, DSC04553worries, happy moments and give these exercise-books to us for reading and answering. This helps us to learn much about our friends and to become closer to them. During this month we had some other meetings dedicated to such topics as: “Offence” (the example of the biblical Joseph), “How not to lose faith in difficult situations of life”. And also during one of the meetings we organized a Christian concert with participation of one of the rap-singers from USA. This was quite an unusual concert even for us, but at the orphanage there are a lot of boys who like rap music. As for us, we are always happy when after our meetings children are satisfied!

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