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In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 3, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Greetings brothers and sisters! DSC04698School year has started and we came back to Rudensk orphanage. Summer went by quickly and every one of us missed children a lot! It is a special atmosphere and a special time when we visit this orphanage! Children running toward us, hugging us and telling us none-stop all together at the same time their summer stories! I am looking at these children and thinking how happy am I that I can continue to serve to them and continue to introduce Jesus to them! Beginning of the new school year it is not only familiar children’s faces which have become so dear and so important but also new children which just arrived to the orphanage and did not get a friend yet! While socializing with new children we have offered them our friendship! Their answer was “Yes”!DSC04699 Their reaction was shyness and distrust but in their voice we heard a firm “Yes”! We started a series of lesson on the subject of “David, a man after God’s own heart”! DSC04733Quite often it is a man’s heart that does not have a value on the market of human friendship! These times more than thirty children attended our lessons!. They came out of their free will to spend time with us, to learn something new and interesting and to feel loved and be needed by somebody! Bible helps us to touch those threads of human heart that nobody in the world is able to reach, the place in human heart where there is the hole and this hole is of the size of God! The children asked us: “What should we expect this year?” We replied that this year we are going to have a fascinating adventure which is going to enrich everyone and will teach you how to orient yourself in life and not to be cheated!DSC04787 This year there were many graduates that have left the orphanage! Let us pray that the graduates would not get lost in the world but instead theDSC04689 local churches would have abilities and desire in participate in the lives and minister to the orphans! As I am writing these words the graduated orphan’s images come to my mind, it is so pleasant to receive wonderful messages from them in which they say “we go to a church, we pray and we see how God answers our prayers! Friends! We thank you for your continual support of the ministry to the orphans of Belarus! We believe that together we can help and give a strong rebuff as to the spiritual as to physical orphanhood!