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In November: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2014 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

My name is Nastya B. Since I am responsible for the arts for kids, my major duty is to play educational games and doDSCF6817ing crafts with them. There were DSCF6845several times when I led arts classes for the children: we made some flowers with their names on, drew and did many other things which would influence them both physically and spiritually. In addition, the arts hours were followed by the classes where we looked at the examples of the biblical heroes; afterwards we had some class discussion, where kids could ask quesDSC05226tions. Further on, we had prayers in which everybody was a participant in the conversation with God. I was amazed by the children’s sincerity as they prayed just the way they could. However, the mostDSC05032 important thing is that regarding their age and diagnoses they could understand who they prayed to. Kids remember and understand many things in details, they live through them. Once we had a case; I had an operation on my hand and that is why I came to them with my hand in a bandage. They had paid attention to this, as it was something unusual to them. I was so surprised to discover they felt sorry for me and had big empathy for my health. Thus, I asked them to keep my hand in their chilDSC05260d prayers. In two weeks I visited not the older guys, but the younger ones again, with no bandage on this time though. I got even more surprised when many touched my hand and asked about my DSC05255health. I did not even expect them to remember about the hand! That is one more testimony for me that God is in work with them as they are filled with love and trust towards us.
In addition to this, there are classes for the older children; we sing, listen to good educational biblical stories and play different games. At one of the meetings we organized some sports events for the guys; estafettes which are bright memories now for the kids. I can see how hard that is for the older children since they grow up and have many questions in their minds, to which they cannot find the answers on their own most of the times. That’s why I understand how important that is to put the Word of God in them. The Satan fights for them and we need to help the children get a life with a sense in it. My prayer is about their hearts and the will of God for their further lives. Amen!

In November: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2014 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Greetings to our reDSCN4804aders, prayer groups and support members of the service team in the Orphanage! This month we have the following news for you:
1. Liubka is sick, our lovely girl, we have been praying for her health so far!DSC05235
2. Our sweet Karina was adopted. She is now the member of the family that lives in Minsk. We hope to keep in touch with her more often since now!
3. There were 3 new girls in the place this month. Since they had to adjust a little bit, we were asked not to come several times. We do not understand well enough how our presence could disturb their adjustment process; however, we trust the DSC05237plans that God has and hope to visit Smilovichi more often in comparison to this month.
4. The most important aspect is that we have been getting to know the character of our God, loving Father. Looking at the example of Abraham and Sara we saw Him as a live God who sees our hardships and stays in control, nothing will happen to us without His permission!
5. We have understood that the Lord is unchanging and everlasting, and that means that He unchangingly loves us, takes care of us, even if we fail somehow. He is just like a kind Father who raises us, shaping us as better people.
We are extremely thankful to our readers, to those who support us both financially and in prayer. Let His unchanging love and care dwell in your home.

Hello everyone, who views our website, supports us, feels for us and prays for our ministry.
taHcvs0IpOQThis month God showed us a new orphanage where we can serve orphans, so we thank our God that it was relatively easy to talk to the administration of the orphanage about our ministry. We also thank God for kids being open-hearted and for behaving well during our lessons. _ZuKK2qJMbU
This orphanage is a bit different from all the others, because it’s a “specialised boarding school for children with difficult speech disorder”, so there are not only orphans but also kids who have some speech problems and they get help from speech therapists who work there. Many of these kids need dental braces to align and straighten their teeth and help to position them. The government doesn’t give money to buy dental braces, as a result a number of kids are in need of them.
I would like to share the experience of our trips there. First of all, I shall begin with saying that kids there are very friendly, from our first 07Ix-jMUmIstrip they started to try and get to know us and talk to us, it was really nice and encouraging. During our first trip we were playing with them, singing and telling them our testimonies, we let them know how God has changed our lives and it encouraged kids to become friendly towards us. We also learnt that children like playing football and they invited us to come and play some time, so we did. It was a hard game but the kids won, we were very happy for them, but what really pleased us was that when theQXp3qI18lhgy were loosing, they didn’t start fighting, but instead they tried harder and won. We haven’t seen this in any other orphanage that we’ve visited. And what’s more, other kids (who didn’t play) came to the gym to cheer for their team. We were amazed to see such friendship.
During our next trip we showed them a film called “Facing the Giants”. It’s an American Christian drama film iCiomroeos0about American football team. The coach guides and urges each one of his players to give the maximum effort, and motivates them to believe they can win under God’s provision. The kids really enjoyed the film. After the final whistle they all jumped up and started applauding. Later they asked us what was the name of the film as they wanted to watch it again and also to recommend it to their friends.
There were also lessons about friendship. We told them about the real friendship between David and Jonathan. The kids liked the story and promised to be that friendly to each other.
That’s how we spent a month in Vileyka. Please, pray that the Word of God would touch these kids’ hearts and they would accept our Heavenly Father in their lives.

In November: “Belarus without orphans”

Posted: November 22, 2014 by Dobr9k in Conferences

On November 29, 2014, we are planning to hold an annual Christian conference dedicated to the service to orphans. The conference is called “Belarus without orphans”.



In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 11, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC04904I would like to share with you my impressions about our visits to the orphanage in Rudensk and tell you about our children. Wednesday, it’s 1DSC049668.50. At this time our team normally greets and hugs the children. Then they have dinner, we wish them “Bon appetite” and go to the classroom to prepare for our meeting. Sometimes all togetDSC04907her and sometimes one by one they come into the classroom. Communication, prayers, games, jokes, personal talks, the discussion of the biblical topics and their application in the children’s lives – all is actual and fine. But most of all I like personal talks with a particular child. This way I can deeper DSC04930understand his or her inner world. During the last two visits I talked with Alesya. At night during a week he dreDSC04842amt about her mother who is now dead. In this dream the mother offered Alesya to join her. So she was scared to go to bed. She was afraid that she can accept her mother’s invitation. After such a touching story I decided to pay a special attention to this girl. We prayed together, recollected what the Bible tells about dreams, God and protection. Then we talked about her mother, her thoughts and feelings. A week later a cheerful girl said that she didn’t suffer from those dreams anymore and she wasn’t scared. I hope Alesya believes in the power of prayer after all these difficulties.