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In December: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: December 23, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

I send greetings to you, brothers and sisters!
One more year has come to an end. What was it? How did God blessed us this month? This yeaDSC05328r we saw how great and caring our God is thrDSC05327ough the open hearts of the authorities of the orphanage. This is a good opportunity for us to serve both the kids and the staff. We were able to see how the kids are growing and are changing and how the Word of God touches them and they make a conscious choice towards Jesus.
This month we talked about a common-law marriage with the kids. After leaving the orphanage a lot of young people are deceived by entering such kind of light relationship as a common-law marriage. These relationships are ones that have no right Biblical ground. We told that this is one of the lies that Satan offDSC05321ers: we can have relationships without a family, without being married. We’re so delighted that we definitely relied on the work of the Holy Spirit thDSC05341at guided us in teaching. Without it we wouldn’t be able to cover this. This topic appeared to be so essential that it provoked a discussion. The kids were surprised at the fact that they used to have different parents or their parents were constantly changing the partners and it was wrong. They have had a wrong picture of what family is like and they’ve had wrong principles about a family life since their childhood as they had bad examples of their own parents. As we serve these kids we always face with their so called low self-esteem and guilty consciousness which make them depressive an fearful. “ We are losers, we’ll never do better,” – this is w8H9kokAaCxAhat we can often hear from the kids. They are wrong to believe that they can’t change and knowing it we also had a discussion called “There’s nothing iDSC05326mpossible”. We told that you can achieve whatever you want if only you make efforts and entrust your life in God’s hands. We believe God heals, changes, restores and helps. This was the first time the kids saw our support and that we believe in them, we believe they can achieve their goals, get better with their studies and we are ready to help them.
In order to sum up I’m going to come to some conclusions: this month was marked with the kids being open to teaching which leads to knowing God more and dedication to praying more. Another good thing is that they started using their knowledge about God in their practical everyday life.
As Christmas is coming we see a good opportunity to share God’s love and mercy with the kids and the staff of the orphanage. We ask for prayers for the hearts of the kids and the staff.