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In January: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: January 30, 2015 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

We had a camp in December and at the beginning of January. It was blessed time! I noticed that the more often you visit children the more IMG_7021you understand how you love them. You know them by name, and it is important because it helps closer communication, so, you begin to understand them. DSC05457Time I spent with these children helps me to estimate my own life and changes me. First of all, they teach me to love.
Children are getting closer to my heart  and I feel that I can’t be indifferent to their future. Especially I think of children who haven’t enough chances to sucseed in their life.
IMG_7007In the orphanage there is a group of children with “Down syndrome”. Working with them, I seriously thought of how I could make more for them. This thought doesn’t leave me. I want to try to take one of such child home for the weekend that they could live in family, feel what family means, feel that they are loved. IMG_6977There are six children in group, and anybody never took them home. Their only house is the orphanage. We visited children on Thursday in a week after camp, and I felt that I missed them so much! And how close they became to me!DSC05460 Children were happy to see us again, we told them about “good Samaritan”, about what kind of people we could meet (good and not really). Children discussed it very active.
Once again we went to the orphanage with Christmas program and gifts.IMG_7025 I was nicely surprised to see that the children were more happy to see us than to recieve their gifts! Also it was obvious how important for them is the communication with us.
I notice changes in the children. It is shown by their  behavior, they ask serious questions about God. Not just to talk about something but because it really interests them. They ask how to do the right things in life  and how to react when temptations come. They ask if I were them what would I do.  They tell about their temptations and about their victories.

In January: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: January 30, 2015 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Greetings to our dear friends, who keep praying for us! We praise and thank God for all of you and your support! IMG_7035We wanted to announce that this month, one of the girls, Nastya, left for the sanatorium to have some rest and two more guys joined in, their names are Egor and Ilya, IMG_7047the brothers who happened to be in the orphanage because their mother committed a suicide. It is really hard to know their story and it gets even harder when it comes to giving them support and joy, but we are genuinely trying to do that, IMG_7052and the most important thing is that we keep saying how great God that we believe in is. This month we talked about the God as the one who heals our illnesses, both physical and spiritual ones, whenever it is just hard, scary, painful, lonely and sad. We also talked about the sin as our main enemy which we need to fight with all our powers. IMG_7076The only way to make it is to run to our God-the conqueror of the sin and ask for His help every day. He is our support and strength; only with Him we can be happy. It is joyful to see that kids are happy to know about God and they get to know about Him more and more every time, they tell this to us themselves! Please pray that His mercy will keep them away from the evil one! May piece be with you, dear friends!

Warm greetings to those who reads about us! I’d like to share the blessingsDSCF9019 and success that we DSCF8554got at the winter camp. Thanks God we have had a wonderful exciting and a very fruitful camp this time. God was surprising us every day beyond our expectations, showing His love and care, His miracles and His power which made not only us but also kids and their supervisors joyful. I’m thankful to God that we and the kids didn’t have any injuries during the camp time as God protected us during the camp. It’s almost impossible to describe all our great feelings about how good the camp was. The Holy Spirit worked both with the hearts of the kids and the staff who helped us a lot during the camp. They’ve neverDSCF9713 treated us as good as during this camp. DSCF9036We had a chance to share the Gospel both with the kids and the staff through building up relationships with them. I want to thank those who have been praying for the camp and the orphans. Your prayers were so needed and so appreciated both by the orphans and by the team and the orphans could see love not only through the gifts or candies we gave but also they could see God’s love to them. As we could notice the orphans lack such love and friendship and good treatment and attention to them even though the state and some charity organization volunteers help them and give presents as well. Our desire to make friends with them and spend this Christmas time together with them DSCF9997is more important thanDSCF9244 any present or thing. The orphans refused to go to the disco in order to stay with us and spend more time with us. It was a great blessing for us too.
At each evening meeting we dedicated time to discuss very important and exciting Christian topics which will be useful for the orphans’ future life and will teach them how not to make mistakes in their lives and always to remember who can help them in any situation. During the day not all the orphans listened to us attentively but in the evenings before they went to bed we could have some close private talks and discuss what they heard at Bible classes at the meetings. We reminded them that the true happiness we can find only in God. We played different games, sang and diDSCF8531d crafts a lot at the camp. Older teenagDSCF8444ers had a chance to continue learning how to play the guitar. We learn new songs at each new camp. This winter the most favourite song was “ Let us light the candles”, the song that created a special warm atmosphere. At craft classes kids made boxes for the presents, little Christmas tree figures, Christmas cards, Christmas garlands and toys – that all created a nice atmosphere too. Making Christmas garlands was the most challenging for the kids as it demanded a lot of efforts and patience. At the end kids were content and gave thanks for teaching them to do this and they got beautiful Christmas garlands and they could decorate their rooms.
The most exciting game for the kids was “ funny soccer” as each member of theDSCF0243 team played his role and participaDSCF0217ted in the game. It was fun to play this game as the sport room was quite small and we had a lot of volunteers to participate. After the game everybody was happy and content not paying attention to having got tired or having lost in the game and it made all of us feel united. It was so great because the kids don’t often experience being united and friends with each other. Kids had a chance to see how valuable it is to be all one, to stand united, respect each other and win in a game thanks to being the part of the team. In one of the games we pretended to have “Civil Registry office” and the kids were to organize a wedding (to decorate the hall, to get a wedding dress for a bride, invite guests, choose somDSCF1384e background music). It’s surprisingDSCF1191 but this game was a good experience for the kids as the majority of them had a bad example of their parents. It’s sad that the kids can see such common practices as civil marriage and not the example of a good Christian family where they submit to God and He has control over them. That was just a simple game and the kids could see an episode from a family life of a Christian and what God’s attitude is towards marriage.
At the last evening meeting we told the kids how God can transform their lives and what they need to do is to ask God to do this and let Him into their lives. It was a real pleasure and a joy to hear them saying a prayer of repentance after the preacher. My heart was fulfilled witDSCF0295h gratitudDSCF1070e to God and realizing how powerful He is. I can’t describe it with the words, it seems to be a miracle!
“In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10
The last minutes at the camp were sad as we became a real family, the kids got used to us and it was so hard to say goodbye to each other. I tried to encourage the kids saying that the most precious now is to remember this days spent and shared together. And also we told them about the One who gives us life and cares about our future and makes us the happiest in the Universe!
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11

The last month of the year is already over. December is one of the most difficult, busy, but at the same time v0r3J0sQN-wwonderful, interesting and blessed months in the year. Bustle is everywhere, people are looking for presents, sales, Christmas trees, food. We are the same, but before it started, we wanted to create an unforgettable ChrYdGA9QPlgF0istmas for the orphans from Vileyka. And we managed to do it only thanks to God and our friends.
I want to begin describing this Christmas with the point when I realized that I want every orphan to have a present this year. Of course I couldn’t have made all the 163 presents alone and that’s why I asked for help the members of church “Bethlehem” I go to. I took the necessary information from the vTRcbyFhmYsadministration of the orphanage, made some reminders for people to know what to put into the gift box, wrote down the names of all the children and distributed them among the members of my church. Almost every family from our church participated in this project. They made the presents with such a pleasure and signed the post cards. In a month all the gifts were collected and together with the young people and the pastor of our29ncOC3Drzs church we went to Vileyka, where we sang songs, played games and talked about Jesus. The culmination was the gifts for every child. Children couldn’t believe that they all had separate and individual gifts, signed and collected for them by families. They were so excited! They thanked not only us, but also the members of the church who left their addresses on the post cards for further communication. I was really surprised when on the next day I was told by one family that one child called back and thanked this family for the pZ0xGMk_LFg0resent! This was an incredible time for everybody! I thank God for the open hearts of our brothers and sisters and also for the thankful hearts of the children.
We had another visit to Vileyka with a christian youth theatre. It was an interesting meeting with children, because before that moment they haven’t seen any performances and such theatres haven’t visited them. In the very beginning, when the announcer came and started getting acquainted with -Pm9Raqbf0Ythe children, they were very noisy. And I was worried that they were not interested in it. But when the actors appeared on the scene, children kept silent till the very end as they were really interested in the performance. Then they couldn’t stop applauding! They asked the actors to come back again. Some words about the performance: it was about the people created by God but who come to difficult situations and who are further separated from God by fashion, money, alcohol, clubs, drugs. These thingspr83VP_3-xQ kill their dreams, and only God can release them from their sins. Everyone was excited, even their educators.
The last thing I want to tell you about is the trip of the biblical college to Vileyka. This team prepared an interesting programme and even laid the table. First, we gathered in a gym D7Qvwcbiiwsand played different games there. Children love sport games and as the result they were jolly. Then we went to the class of senior students where we sang Christian songs, read the Bible about Lazarus and even created a sketch of this story: children played different roles – that of Lazarus, the rich, God and Abraham. The orphans liked this wise story, they found out that to know God you don’t need the dead to come and to tell you about Him. We are given the Bible, church, people and nature that proclaims the existence of Living God.
We thank everybody who participated in this Christmas miracle for the orphans! Thanks for your infinite prayers!