In January: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: February 4, 2015 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

The second month of the winter has passed. It was very successful despite of the fact that we missed one trip to Vileyka because the majority of our team was ill. We managed to visit the orphanage three times and every visit was remarkable.
TfZ5t0UfdD20he fist trip happened during winter vacations and that’s why we could come to children earlier and spend more time with them. We showed one film about sports achievements and also played football with older boys and girls. 4Rzvc2beV6oChildren love sports there and compete with different schools. Sport unites everybody and that’s why it was a good opportunity to become closer to children and also to dispel the myth that Christians just pray all the time, read the Bible, seat in churches and don’t have any sense of humour. Children thought so and told us about it and also joked that we are not real Christians.czg3S9jxClo I don’t know how this stereotype had been formed in them. The main thing is that they changed their views about it!
During the rest trips we were trying to change children’s opinions about God. During the lessons we told them that God is not an angry policeman, neither is he a Santa Claus who just presents gifts on ChristmasDSC05488. He is not just a carpenter from Bethlehem, neither is he an evil old man who punish everybody for any sins. But he IS a loving, forgiving and caring God of the whole Universe who is not careless about the lives of the orphans. Besides that, one member of our team shared her testimony about her difficult childhood with drug and alcohol addicted parents. Only personal meeting with God helped her to change her and their lives, to get forgiveness for all the sins… After this testimony children got a kind of hope and many of them cried. I believe that God is changing their lives, too and that they will get better lives with our Christ. We pray for that, and you, please, join our prayers.

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Да, поразительно, но у очень многих детей всегда найдуться какие-нибудь предрассудки против настоящих верующих! Слава Богу за то что вы их своим примером развенчиваете!

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