In February: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 1, 2015 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

This month the children waited for us, as usual, with impatience and joy. They were very happy to see us; they shared their IMG_7123worries with us and didn’t want us to leave. Everyone was eager to communicate with us as much as possible. IMG_7147
There have become more children in the orphanage; a few of them appeared there not long ago. There are more boys at our meetings now.
As it was earlier, we discussed a lot of different biblical topics, played and talked. One day was especially remarkable. We divided into a few small groups and just talked with them, learned their life stories and prayed at the end. That day some of the children prayed for the first time. The children were so open that told us how they got at the orphanage. They were happy glad that they had, at least, someone with whom they could share their worries, thoughts and dreams. We knew more about the things they like and dislike and what they would like to have most of alIMG_7190l. It was a wonderful day! Besides, we spoke about sin with the children. They wrote different sins they commitIMG_7192 but want to be free from them on paper hearts. The essence of the topic was to show the children that all people sin, but only God can free them from sin. It was nice to see that the children filled these hearts sincerely. Beside the illustration with the hearts, our team made a theatrical performance where the characters showed that it is simple and easy to sin but it is hard to cope with the sins without God. Thanks to God for this time and for the opportunities for the children to hear about God more and more! We also watched a kind Christian cartoon about the gift that told the children about the gift that Jesus gave to all the people. IMG_7233
The make-up of the children changes quite often in this orphanage. Someone comes back home, someone is taken to a foster faIMG_7248mily. But it doesn’t matter because they soon begin to be open and trust us little by little. At the present time the children, who are there, like singing. So, during this month we learned three new songs. The guitar appeals to them much because there are mostly boys there. The boys from our team try to teach them a little how to play the guitar. And we are glad to support them in this with our prayers. And, of course, even if you just embrace them you feel their warmth and response towards us.

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