In February: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 1, 2015 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Although February is a short month but for us and for children from Rudensk orphanage this month was very intensive and diverse.
One of our meetings we dedicated to the subject of Freedom. In it we tried to show children how wonderful when GIMG_7178od Himself liberates us from sins. How wonderful it is that God helps people to bIMG_7193e liberated even from the worst addictions like alcohol and drugs!
We already told you that in each orphanage there is its beloved and unique format for our meetings. In Rudensk orphanage children love “stag parties” and “hen-parties”. This is the time when boys and girls meet separately. This month for boys we had meetings with subjects “The heart of the father” and “Develop yourself”. At “The heart of the father” meeting we told teenagIMG_7275ers that in the future they are going to be fathers. Boys found what Bible teaches on the subject of who is a genuine father and whIMG_7336at should one do to become a genuine father. Most prominent example of a loving father is God Himself. That evening many boys told their stories about what that had to go through in their childhood. Most of them did not have a father or a negative example of a father when a father beat his children and their mother, drank alcohol and did not bring any money to live on to home. But the boys from our team tried IMG_7296to encourage the boys and show them that they have a chance to live a different life that God offers. At the lesson “Develop yourself” we talked about abilities and talents that God has given to each man. But it is important to develop these abilities to be able to achieve something. And The Word of God always calls us to actions, not to lazineIMG_7252ss and indifference!
While the boys had their parties the girls at their first hen-party learned that God has put a certain meaning even in the name of every person. Moreover the girl heard one more time that God loves their look, their name, and first of all sees the good in them. At the second meeting with girls we had a tea party. The subject of the lesson was “Inner beauty”. At this meeting weIMG_7174 learned to see in ourselves positive qualities but also to admit our shortcomings. Atmosphere at that meeting was extra special. Some girls came to the meeting without a good mood, one girl was even weeping and several best friends had a quarrel. But God has blessed the meeting so much so at the end of the meeting the girls started to talk openly not being afraid to be embarrassed before us or other girls about their shortcomings and what they would like tIMG_7196o change in themselves. But what is most important most of the girls prayed that evening and even in their prayers they admitted their shortcomings and asked God to change their IMG_6962hearts. It was especially impressive that at the end of the meeting the girls were leaving with joyful faces even the one who came to the meeting with tears. And the best friends who had a quarrel admitted their faults before each other and made up! Glory to God!
To introduce more variety at one of our meetings we organized sports relay with balloons. It was a very good time not just because it is funny and joyful time but also because it is an opportunity to unite children with each other. Not just winners but the ones who lost got sweet prizes that evening. Most of all we were joyful that winners did not exalt themselves before the ones who lost and were not upset that both teams got prizes! We glorify God for these blessed times!

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