In February: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: March 3, 2015 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

The shortest and the richest with activities month of serving in Vileyka. We’ve got nice memories of the last month of the winter,u9sDs_pfvj4 it wasn’t so rough and we could visit Vileyka boarding school without problems. I’d like to notice, that with every time we come to the school we feel we become closer to each other, they learn to trust us telling us their stories, about their parents, their problems, and they ask us to pray for them. It’s very important for me that they become more open, don’t keep inside what worries them and they are not that much aggressive anymore. I want to do more for them, and as I’ve got an experience in working with boarding schools, I can say that the best way to get closer to children and to share love and care with them is to organize a camp. cTWCUXR66D0That’s why we are praying for this opportunity for this summer.
This month we had different trips. On the first visit we had a theme “Jesus, who we don’t know”, that Jesus is a creator of each of us, and each of us is special and unique,  and as our Creator, He wants to be closer to us and to help us. We told them that they are not alone, that they’ve got God and He cares about them, even though they are in an orphanage. On our second visit, we invited to come with us a puppet show with a play called “Friendship”. You should know about this play form our previous reports from other orphanages. On our third visit, we invited Christian Youth Evangelical theatre. They showed a play about the Father who had three children with different talents. 9Vn4MiSaLEIHe is giving them their part of legacy and leaves them in hope that they will wisely use what they’ve got.
So, their independent lives begin: the life of an engineer, inventor of medicines and a musician. We see the life of each of them and how the evil one comes and wants to lead them in the wrong direction. Only Fathers words (Scriptures from the Bible) helped the engineer and the inventor of medicines to withstand and not to be tempted, and the musician could not resist and fell for temptation, he enjoyed his sins and the fame and popularity that he got. It all led to the emptiness of his soul and he disowned his Father. It was a vivid example of what we usually have our talents and skills and how we use them. Children enjoyed it a lot. I can be sure that they learnt from this lesson. On our last trip, we watched one the best movies in my opinion – called Courageous.lJbE8UgN_zw It’s a great movie for men. It happened that the mentors at that day were men, and some children were whispering to me that those men were crying. I was happy to hear because this film could change those mature men and how they treat orphans, and most of all it and change their attitude to God. Everyone liked that movie, perhaps because of the hope that children saw. The hope that in future their lives can be different from their parents’ lives. This movie was for older children. Small kids had  time with two girls from the church, they were talking with children about God, so that those small kids would understand it.
We thank God for another month of serving Him.

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