In February: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 3, 2015 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

This month was dedicated to “Prayer” and the major topics of our Bible studies at theIMG_7207 orphanage in Belynichy were about it. We told the kids what a prayer is, we explained that God doesn’t always answer all the prayers right away and God not always answers the prayers the way we like or expect. IMG_7217We read the stories from the Bible that told about a prayer and showed the example of how to pray. We discussed it more with the senior orphans.
IMG_7213Nevertheless, the part of the team went to see junior orphans. This month they got to know the story of Abraham and the Tower of Babel. But the orphans not only listened to this story. They had a chance to do crafts – for instance angels made of paper.
IMG_7199This month the members of the team had a talk with some orphans. We established good relationships with the orphans after the winter camp this year. In order to know how they are doing, IMG_7364to know about their moments of joy and sorrow we need to have strong close relationship with them. One of the orphans – Sergey – had a chance to keep on learningIMG_7359 how to play the guitar and communicated a lot with his guitar teacher who he got acquainted with at the winter camp.
Winter camp was a great blessing both for the orphans and for the team. Orphans hearts got more open and attentive to God’s Word. And it encourages us as a team a lot! I give thanks to all who are interested in orphans’ lives.

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