In March: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 30, 2015 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Hello! I love when the mood is well, when the answers of God on praying are seen and there is a possibility to say: IMG_7404“ Thank You God, that You hear our praying, answer onIMG_7422 time and bless abundantly!” Serving in Rudensk orphanage is a special experience and memories. The time that we spend with the children, opens a lot of their pain, complexes, resentments, frustrations and unforgiveness. What can we do? Shall we just close our eyes and move on? We can do it, but children won’t learn how to love, trust, to accept themselves and the others. But, how to deal with the pain, which constantly reminds about itself? There are many children iIMG_7488n this orphanage who where badly injured by some adults. I want to tell you about one girl from this orphIMG_7500anage. Her name is Sveta. She is haircut like a boy, her behavior is also boyish. To attract attention of other people, she often puts up a fight and humiliate children who are weaker than she is. All this is the outward manifestation of her inner anxiety and wounds that remain in her heart since childhood. Of course, it is difficult for her to trust people, especially to adults. Who can help her? Yet, there are many children like Sveta. From the very childhood parents took care of us, but children like Sveta didn’t have any parent. Government may provide orphans with accommodation, food, clothing, educational opportunities, but the internal pain and mistrust to everything around, often leads to alcohol and drug IMG_7418addictions, prison and even suicide. That is why our main goal is to teach these children about the love and forgiveness which God Himself manifests in relation to peIMG_7979ople. This month, we spoke on the theme: “Bitterness of grievances.” We talked about what it takes to make a decision to forgive and to let go of the offenders because the offense firstly destroys us from within. It is very important for them to forgive their parents, friends and teachers. Old bitterness of grievances should leave, and in its place comes forgiveness, healing of internal wounds and joy! In addition, this month we talked on topics such as: “The relations of friendship”, “Forgiveness,” “Loneliness in the crowd.” We believe that all these topics were not in vain, so please pray that more children could get free from their own unforgiveness and failure.

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