In March: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: April 1, 2015 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

The spring and warmth have finally come and it’s not so terrible to look at children who usually Zz4O0xt7sPg meet us only in T-shirts as during the winter they didn’t want to listen to us and put on warmer clothes. Here image-495bd6d3119df9e8d9283360791adae362add0967c0a3f79bbaa7252d89868bf-Vis the time to play different games with children and we decided to coincide the pleasant with the useful. For this purpose we invited young people from Christian sports club “AWANA”. We asked the administration to give us children and the gym for several hours and they were happy to let them go with us as they could have some rest. Children were happy when saw 2 buses filled with young people. They were all getting acquainted GPr4bapNd2wactively and communicating with each other. In the gym we split the children into 4 groups (as there were about 60 children) and there we had the first part of our service – relay race. The children competed with each other and got points. After that, there was the second part of the service – the lesson. The team leaders split into different subteams in different corners of the gym where they held lessons. After the lessons leaders asked questions and9SIggwkFJEo those who answered correctly, got points for their teams too. The topic of the lesson was “Friendship” viewed through the example of David and Jonathan. The context of the lesson was that Jesus is our friend and we can have the same relations with Him as David and Jonathan had. The third part of our service was the closing part – the conclusions made after the lesson, singing Christian songs image-d3501eb408a42e77fc39dcb588eb14df1ccb01032858154a61519a3ccc2a2a89-Vand presenting sweets to the teams who scored the majority of the points. But no one was left unnoticed as the winners shared their sweets with all the children. And we were happy to see that the lesson wasn’t in vain. So we spent 3 hours with children and they didn’t want us to leave them. The “AWANA” leaders liked this meeting and wanted to come back in April.
On our next meetings we strengthened the topic “Friendship” and told the children how to be a true friend on the examples of Peter and Jesus himself. We told about their trust, treason and forgiveness. In spite of all these things, they preserved their friendship and it became stronger. We wanted children to do the same in their lives as we noticed that instead of forgiving they start revenging, betraying, even beating each other. After that meeting some of them promised to change their behavior. We pray about our friends for God to change their hearts, characters. And also we ask God to open their hearts to accept Jesus as their Savior.

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