In June: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: July 10, 2015 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

June became the month rich in ministry to the orphans from Belynichi. We continued learning biblical stories from the New Testament7oFUaVbva6M with the seniors and managed to cover such topics as “Treason”, “Not as others”.

Juniors learned biblical lessons from the Old Testament and also had some creative work. 0nm8H4jFHS8More often they surprise us with their behavior and willingness to answer the questions that we ask after the lessons. Sometimes it seems they have grown up during this year! But we understand that still they are children. It’s just God who works in their hearts!

IMG_9065One of our meetings was the most remarkable for me by its friendly atmosphere. That evening we divided our team into several groups. Some people worked with the younger children, some – played football where children of different ages could participate, and some talked to children face-to-face. Besides, Ira (was one of our leaders 2 years ago) with her husband came to us. RLdZ5Mtb4UUShe worked with these children, giving biblical lessons, serving with music and also giving some tutorial lessons in fine arts. Ira is a painter and that’s why it was a pleasure for her to teach the children to draw and also to unlock talents. We saw how many children are here with such talents. IMG_9082God blessed Ira with an amazing husband and she left for another country. And now, 2 years later she visited these children. We were surprised that they didn’t forget her and run to hug her! Then, children who attended her classes, brought her their pictures to show their achievements. IMG_9087This meeting once again showed that the time we spend with the orphans is precious and also that it’s so important to evince care, serve these children with patience and also to unlock and develop their talents. Later, children got acquainted with Ira’s husband whose name is Andrew. It was his first time in the orphanage where there are children with different diagnoses. He was so impressed that came back with Ira next day.

Such a blessed month we had! At the moment children are in different summer camps. Some of them are abroad. That’s why our next meeting will be only in September.

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