In May: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: June 8, 2015 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

Well, school year is over as well as our visits to the orphanage in Vileyka. That month was a C_hp5X6AmSAterrific one for everyone. Children become more and more precious for us wiIMG_8729th every visit and it’s sad to realize that we won’t be able to see them for the whole summer. The issue is that the kids are leaving for summer camps and we are not able to come to those camps with our program. However, we have planned the surprise — the camp for them in the last week of August. In my opinion this is going to be a good time for the camp because they should already miss us and also it will be a good spiritual beginning of a new school year. Please, pray for that camp so that we JdIhA-s-RnQwould raise enough funds, s6KC301DqiSUo that there wouldn’t be problems with cooks, the team and documents. On May we had lessons on topics of envy, treachery and the aftermath of our sinful desires. We teached the kids how not to envy, about the effects the envy can cause and the solution God offers. The same frame we used for all the lessons. I was a pleasant time because they had many questions and made their personal conclusions. Kids behavior apparently improved. The tutors say we managed to gain kids’ credibility. It’s wonderful to know we can change them with God’s help. The last gift for them was visiting of the basketball game between NBA stars and Belarusian national team. Although the kids love soccer more, it was a marvU1coM0pky0Eelous event for them. Going to Minsk for a game where real professianals like Jerome Williams, David WooIMG_8671d, Paul Grant and best belarusian sportsmen played in the Sports Palace — that was unforgettable experience for children. There was a dynamic and ineresting game. Even I have never seen the game of such a high level. After the game we made the picture with the stars. Glory to God for those happy moments in the lives of orphans!

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