In February: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: February 29, 2016 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Another month of serving in Rudens boarding school has passed; it was saturated with various meetings. IMG_4776Each trip is like a small block, which would form a solid foundation for their future lives. That is why we responsibly choose topics for discussions. We like to explore topics that are most relevant for these guys at the moment.
We had several discussions on such topics this month, and then we had sports relays.
IMG_4851The first topic was about gossips. When we asked these guys if they had encountered rumors, a lot of them responded with a bitter smile. It appears, lots of guys are suffering from being gossiped and being talked behind their backs. Once we talked and showed how the Bible reacts to the ones that spread gossips, and we gave practical advices on how to deal with IMG_4782gossips at the end of class.
Other than topic discussions, we had sports relays. Everyone was given a set of interesting tasks, which helped us to determine their quick thinking, reaction and motor skills.IMG_4780 We are interested in both physical and mental development of these guys. It was a useful and fun event.
We celebrated two holidays this month: Valentine’s Day and National Man’s day. That is why we spent remaining two meeting on talking with guys about love and what being a “real man” is. We also included God’s outlook on these topics. Since the majority of our audience are teenagers, the topic of love and personal relationships is their favorite. IMG_4668Since they don’t have parents, they have  no mentors who could teach them how to build and develop relationships. That is why we used examples on how God wants us to build such connections. IMG_4847Besides, any boy wants to become a real man, and any girls wants to finds such man. Unfortunately, Internet cannot express girls’ expressions when we said on the last meeting that today would be a topic about “real men”. Even though this topic was directed towards boys, girls have expressed a huge enthusiasm during discussions.Little_Funny_Penguin
As a conclusion for this month, we can safely assume that their lives are changing for the better. Just like a big tree grows up from a small sprout, such meetings with God will completely change their fated for the better. Thank you everyone, who does not forget about our orphans and takes care of them!

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