In April: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: May 1, 2016 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

This month one more sister has joined to our team for the ministry to orphans. IMG_5225Her name is Kristina. For the month of April she has been going to Smilovichi orphanage with us, played with children, helped with leisure activities. IMG_5181When we held lesson about prayer, importance of attending church and reading Bible, we were inspired to see how children remembered what we’ve taught them. Their answers were quite extended and full of thoughts. Its so good to realize, that our labor is not in vain!image-0d78f3dadb1aa335b0f3b9e39cff08df4792795991d0f523459642cdb1847764-V
Last week little Kiril was taken by his grandmother, she was allowed to be his caregiver. image-a5ab293538558b49ac2be3cf147dd4643cd5f464b22f77722b047cccc8a350f5-VAll children were encouraged to pray to God and ask for family, for this is the biggest dream for all of them, every one wants to have parents. Last Tuesday we invited puppet theatre and do presents for Easter. The actors demonstrated the true meaning of this Great Day. Our team was blessed to have this time with children in a friendly atmosphere.
Jesus is risen!

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