In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2016 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

April turned out to be a bright and cheerful month of our ministry in Rudensk’s orphanage. The weather wasn’t perfect,IMG_5015 it wasn’t sunny, but rainy and sometimes even snowy. In spite of the weather God blessed our team and all the meetings took place. IMG_5048Moreover, now we have an opportunity to work with little children. Now we divide into two groups: younger and older ones. With the younger group we play games and watch christian cartoons. IMG_5055With the older one we continue discussing different topics. This month we have discussed the following topics: “Suicide. The value of life”, “Conflicts”, IMG_5016“The power of words” and “Sport in our life”. It is typical for teenagers to do thoughtless things. That’s why we decided to speak about suicides to show that you always have choice and your life is valuable for God. “Conflicts” is quite a topical issue for teens. Some of them try to avoid conflicts, some of them even provoke them. We tried to explain them that everyone is guilty in a conflict and it should be resolved. IMG_5056
4Also we told them that all the words matter and can influence all the life.
IMG_5053We discussed sport at the “stag-party” and “hen party”. The girls found out the way sport influences our life and how to choose one or another kind of sport. The girls knew little about sport and they had no idea about fitness and aerobics. We are glad that the girls learned something new. With the boys we considered some champions of different sports and discussed how they managed to achieve such a success. It takes much time to become a champion. You have to work hard every day to achieve good results.

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