In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 3, 2016 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

After short summer break, we have visited a shelter in Smilovichi again. In summer all of children were in camps, image-0-02-01-1e5ea71db2bcc9d235f2bc39dddae48d998369f1e2d8fc14b3ea22c597aaa82b-vthat’s why they were very happy to see us, to hug us, to play with us and just to tell us about themselves!img_9254 Eight children have met us. Two of them were in shelter for first time. During whole time we were speaking, there was very happy and friendly atmosphere there. Our communication was very close.
At the first meeting we had a lesson on the creation of the world with visual aids. We were answering all children’s question gladly. It was evident that they are interested in and understand what we talked about. At the next meeting there was a story about two brothers, Cain and Abel. img_9273Children honestly said that they do not want to do like Cain, and want to love their brothers and sisters.
We noticed that they have become more kind, somebody have become more open to the expression of love. img_9289They began to trust adults more. Some children say that thanks to communicating with us, they become less fearful of feeling that they are not wanted.
At the last meeting of this month we have had an art lesson. There, together with the guys we were making beautiful boxes. The purpose of this lesson is to develop fine motor skills in children, as well as the development of memory and attention. We believe that in children it is important to invest spiritual truths. But it is also important to discover a talent of each child and help to develop it.
We are very pleased to see the results of each lesson. We are grateful to the Lord for this ministry !!!

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