In October: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2016 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Our team continues to visit children in Smilovochi hospice with pleasure. We do it to share our love and gospel with them. dsc_0136After Anzhelika has told the story about Noah’s Ark, it was nice that the most of children already new this story and actively took part in discussion. When we play together we try to discover aptitude of every child and encourage them. dsc_0102Very much the other way they had to hear a lot of criticism in their life, at school, from their friends, parents. This is one of the reasons why they felt a shame and guilty for their parent’s behavior.
Every child felt confidence and shared the story of his/her life. For example, Luba has two families. One is the real, the other is foster home. Her biological parents were so busy drinking alcohol, so they had no time to take care of her daughter. Guardianship service had to stand up for her as a result. The service officials took Luba away from her real family and placed her in the hospice, where she stayed almost for one year. Once upon a time some family decided to adopt Luba. dsc_0097That’s how Luba became a member of a foster home. We remember that day, her sparkling eyes when the girl shined like the sun, because she got hope for new life. img_9520When new parents finished with formalities, they took Luba at home. Unfortunately, all the things went wrong and joyful expectations were changed by new pain and frustration. Severe beatings, cruel treatment – were the part of what Luba had to experience in new family. At the end of all ends Luba was returned back in the hospice.
Our main goal is to help every child to accept God and the fact that God is the Father of all orphans! When we spend our time with them, playing games, being engaged in creativity, telling new bible stories, we try to show that God cares about every child. We hope that their lives will be saved and destinies will be changed for good and forever.

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