In October: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 1, 2016 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

In this letter I’d like to tell you about our meetings with orphans in Belinicimg_9470hy. Remember, we img_9467go to them from Minsk, and that’s 150 km one way. Every trip is different from the previous one.

This month we’ve seen some graduates and some of them are already working. When they were in the orphanage they were dreaming about leaving it. Many of them said : “Finally we are free! We are grown-ups, we know everything, we understand everything!” But now, after only one month of that freedom, they are so eager to come back and see their carers, their friends who are still in the orphanage, our team. They’ve seen that nobody needs them outside the orphanage.Unfortunately, that is a sad reality. I think, those people who live in families, always had parentimg_9548’s suimg_9546pport, as well as from relatives. But those who leave orphanage very seldom have any relatives who are interested in them. Moreover, they often face rejection from people of their age who lived in good families. These teenagers often end up in bad companies, start drinking and taking drugs. That’s why during our ministry we try to prepare children for what is waiting for them outside the orphanage. We try to show them that the real life is much different from what they have imagined as “freedom”.

During this month teenagers who left school were visiting the orphanage, and they sat together with thimg_9471ose kids are goinimg_9556g to finish school soon. Only now they were listening with such hunger and they also had some thoughts to share about this “fake freedom”.

The youngest kids got to know such topics as : Creation of the World, How sin entered this world, Noah’s ark. These kids are very hyper and active here. They love singing,playing, and watching cartoons, even though they have health problems. We want them not only to have fun, we want them to understand and accept biblical truth, we want them to feel how important they are to God!

13 November is the World Prayer Day for orphans! All christians around the world are going to pray in one voice for these kids. Join us!


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