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In November: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2016 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Grey and cold November came to an end. But in spite of weather we were getting a lot positive img_9635emotions from the children from Rudensk orphanage throughout the month. The children wimg_9578ere so happy about our meetings that this month they began to prepare the place for meetings beforehand; they put the chairs and turned on the hardware. All this done because they treasure each minute of time spent with us!

This month we finished to speak about friendship. In conclusion we could discuss with the children such topics as ‘Loneliness in friendship’, ‘Not like others’ and ‘Value of friendship’. Besides, we had an opportunity to watch a film about sport, motivation, friendship and unity. And, of course, we arranged their most favorite meetings – boys’ and girls’ time! Boys discussed how img_9637to be winners in life and how to set goals and work hard in order to achieve them. Girls had a private talk about beaimg_9641uty and womanhood.

This month I could talk to one person who came to the Rudensk orphanage with us for the first time. He was a little bit embarrassed because he plunged into such atmosphere for the first time. When I asked him what was the hardest in communication with the children he answered that he rarely heard so many foul words throughout one evening! Especially, he remembered Sveta, the girl who has always tried to look like a boy and used bad language a lot. This situation helped us to see that God has done great work in these children’s hearts. Earlier Svetimg_9712a used to pronounce hundreds of bad words in an hour, was rude to the members of our team and offended smaller kids. And God has changed herimg_9640 heart at present. If she uses bad language now, she tries to ask for forgiveness. Besides, she is one of the first who helps with smaller kids. Last time we had an open-hearted talk about her worries.

I would also like to remind of Alesya’s story who had suffered from nightmares for a long time. We had previously put her story on our site. I managed to talk to her and she was quite open. Now Alesya tries to read the Bible and pray for God to keep her sleep especially before she goes to bed. So she said with joy that nightmares had left her! Thanks God for his mercy and love!

In November: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2016 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

November is well known as a gloomy time of the year. And at such times family comfort and warm atmosphere becoimage-0-02-05-a80aed56ff3c374eb522c0238c53d2a815e6eb7a3ff04c6492d3ce5cf92dde02-vmesimage-0-02-05-b1fcc7f9b1d34d3c91d18434672ff21de76703305209ec2589d4a8fe650e32e2-v even more valuable. So trips to the orphanage every time are a bright event for children and our team. This Month has been full of interesting activities for children.

The first week of November is a traditional autumn school holidays. So there were less children in school. Only a few girls came to a meeting with teen-agers. And because of the small number of people girls could share timg_6601-1heir inner thoughts with us. Their life stories impress with the depth of tragedy in such a small age.

Lisa’s parents died from a drug img_6585overdose. And Diana’s mom loves to drink . And when she comes to visit her daughter in a boarding school, sometimes she brings empty bottles by mistake instead of chocolates. But waiting for the mom doesn’t become more painful, on the contrary, the girl is waiting for her mom on her birthday with a great thrill. It is the best gift for her.

Another girl simg_6668aid that her father killed her mother. He has already served his term and returned, but the girl continues to call him. In most cases the father overtaken in drink didn’t recognize his daughter, but she doesn’t give up.

On 11th November we held a real holiday for our teenagers. Alla Smoljakova and Sergey Divokov came with us to the orphanage. They organized a game with the kids and announced activities for Decimg_6627ember. Sergey forms a team to conduct a football match. And Alla is preparing master classes on making different creative hand-made things. image-0-02-05-02b3e278b8feb2fc262f61a2cd9021925b53d58b86cd025e8833e7f732da08a0-vDuring the evening we celebrated Diana’s birthday. We ended the day all watching a movie “Coach Carter”, we’ve been watching it for an entire month.

On November 19 we held a well-liked by pupils culinary club. Our profi Valera taught the guys how to make a salad. Guys love this time, because not only do they communicate, learn and see many new things, but they themselves are involved in the process. While they were doing this, Alex shared the Word with them. They receive it better during activities where they are all involved! It is an unforgettable time!


In November: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2016 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi


We are glad to have opportunities to go to our children in the Smilovichsky orphanage again and again. Therimg_9740e we communicate, sing songs and play with kids. But the most important  thing is that we can discuss different interesting topics. So as there is a veriable group of kids in an orphanage we present different bimg_9736ible stories . Children are always happy to meet us. Though newcomers at first hesitate and are watching over us.

This month we discussed Hagar and Ismail’s situation when they got lost in the desert. We tried to explain children that God always hears them and has no breaks or the work schedule. Also we discussedimg_9628 Lot’s escape from Sodom, learned a verse from the Bible in which is told how we should behave and act in life, that we should be honest, full of love and patience, and not to be arrogant. Last meeting we said the story how brothers betrayed Josef. The children have experienced the feeling of envy and rage because of reason that they are loved less than somebody else. We discussed the reasons why brothers made timg_9688his bad thing, and while next meeting we plan to read what happened in the end of this story .

During our communication children are engaged in a prettification of pictuimg_9630res according the topic of the lesson. Children with pleasure take pencils and paint situations from stories, fixing the main idea of a lesson once again.

We are very happy that we can visit children and spend the time together. Thanks God every our meeting unites us, makes closer , kids become more open for communication and we can tell them about God. Thank you for prayerful and financial participation.