In November: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 3, 2016 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Here we are at the end of another month of service in the Belynichi orphanage. Despite of some obstacles all our meetings were held and each of them was img_9654filled with its special atmosphere. We have already built up good relationships with the majority of children who visit our meetings, but with some of them we still have a way to go. That is why during Christmas holidays we want to organize a winter camp for these children! img_9655Now we offer everyone who is not indifferent to the destiny of these kids to pray for the camp to take place and to become a real blessing both for the children and for their mentors! The camp will be organized in December, and now I would like to say some words about our meetings in November.
With the elder children we finished a series of meetings dedicated to friendship. From my point of view this theme was rather relevant for the kids of this orphanage as it is very difficult for them to build relationships with people. But at the same time each of them wants to have loyal, loving and safe friends. And in our turn we wanted to teach them not only to expect this traits from their friends but also to exercise them themselves. We brought up such topics as: “Loneliness in friendship”, “Not like all the others” and also “Value of friendship”. We closed up this month watching a movie which also told much about friendship, people’s relationships, sports and motivation.img_9664
In the beginning of the month during one of our visits to the younger kids,img_9720 they met us being very happy and were all screaming “…and we know what happened after the creation of the world!” And they all started to tell – interrupting each other – about Adam and Eve, Kain and Abel. I was surprised to hear that from them as we had recently started to learn the Old Testament with them and until this year we only used to tell them stories about such heroes as David and others. Later I found out that the kids asked the teacher to read for them the Bible for children. That is why they were already prepared for our meeting. I was amazed by the fact that the teacher read the Bible for them, and I was surprised and happy for teachers’ good attitude to our classes with kids. I would also like to say some words about the behavior of the children. I see crucial changes during this year.img_9727
It is seen from the way they diligently arrange chairs before the classes, from the way they place themselves and loudly try to calm one another down. img_9761From the beginning of November we started to hold such themes as “Creation of the World”, “ the Fall of Adam and Eve”, “Kain and Abel”, “Noah and the Flood” and we will continue with the Old Testament. The kids try to behave themselves during the classes. One can see from their eyes how interested they are while listening; they love to participate in the course of a lesson and answer the questions trying to outdo each other. It means that they understand and catch on the information. They know very well how to behave themselves, what sin and evil is, but at the same time they can push one another and only afterwards remember that this is wrong and try to apologize. After that, they can push or call names again, but I am telling this as I see changes here too. Formerly I saw that after doing harm they would just laugh, and now they understand that it is bad and try to change. It is very heartwarming to see each small victory and change in children’s behavior.

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