In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 31, 2016 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ and just readers. We wish you merry Christmas and we hope that God’s care and friendship could be real in your life!img_9821
In this month we visited several boarding schools of our country. Especially I want to share with you how we visited Belynichi. Despite frosts, snow and ice, our team left on meetings with children. We believe that each meeting is unique and everything that we do there, leaves a deep imprint in the lives of children and tutors.img_9811
The discontent and grumble surround us everywhere, and it gets into boarding schools. “I am an orphan and I have the right to show discontent to bad food, to things, to people around”. But the Bible shows that the discontent and grumble destroy the person from inside and influence his relations with surrounding people.img_9827 Children share what occurs in their lives, forgetting about from what families they have taken. Abject poverty which was expressed not just in bad conditions, sometimes life-endangering, but also constant shortage of love and attention from parents. Some children remember how they wear out the same clothes for many years. Not days, but years! img_9836Even in spite of the fact that now their situation has changed to the best: clean clothes fitted in size, good food and summer holiday in Italy and other countries, all the same children continue to show discontent.
Using foul language became normal among children as they imitate adults. But children do not understand that they damn not other person, but themselves.
It is very difficult to orphan children to get rid of a habit to use foul language and to show discontent, but we believe that God is strong to make it. That’s why we are encouraged to lift such subjects. We believe that God is strong to give freedom to any person if that actually wants to reconcile with Him!

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