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In January: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: January 31, 2019 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

In January, I talked more with older children. This month is very joyful for the them, as they received Christmas presents. We went with Christmas staging to several orphanages brought them presents. It was important that the children, as well as the orphanage workers, could learn more about the coming of Christ to the earth through their performances and, through communication with them.
In Rudensk I was fortunate enough to conduct two Bible lessons. The first theme is “Jesus chooses His disciples”. In this lesson, I was able to communicate with the children and recall what miracles Christ did and what people surrounded Him. They talked about the fact that Christ chose ordinary people to be disciples – fishermen, tax collector, and a pilot. The emphasis was placed on the fact that Christ looks at people in a completely different way, whose society does not always accept. I was surprised by how much the children know a lot of things, but they can not always express it in words due to their peculiarities.
The second theme is “Sermon on the mountain, look at the birds.” I wanted to tell the children that there are many worries in life that distract from the main thing, but God still fills them up, may not always, because we want it. And they talked about the need to strive for the main thing – to seek the kingdom of God.
Children remember stories from personal life as well. I told a story about how I was going to my dream and what difficulties I had encountered, and how it all was resolved. At the end of our communication, we usually pray. And one girl herself offered to pray, and she thanked God for the family that takes her, for the changes in her life, and for our team, each by name.
The younger children this month talked about respect, responsibility, and also honesty. Many sincerely admitted that sometimes it is very difficult for them to show respect for each other, to be responsible and even more so, to be honest. But then we come to these children to try to teach them these qualities, showing a biblical view of them.
I am very pleased that there is hope in the lives of these children, and their lives are changing for the better!

In January: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: January 31, 2019 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello! I want to tell you about the Smilovichy orphanage. In this orphanage there are children who were withdrawn from families in which there is a threat to the lives for children. They stay there for a year, and then the guardianship bodies decide on the future place of residence for these children: if the parents change their living conditions and lifestyle, then the children are sent back to the family, and if the parents continue to drink or use drugs and lead an immoral lifestyle, children are given to custody or transferred to boarding school. We come to the children every Tuesday and serve everyone.

Half a year ago new children were placed in the orphanage (two sisters Vlada and Lera and little brother Dannik). We as usual began to talk with the children, then we played together, sang songs of praise, and also we talked about forgiveness. Taking a story from the Bible, where the Lord teaches us to forgive the injustice and pain that the closest people caused us. Lera said that it is difficult for her to forgive her parents, who constantly drink, her grandmother, who says she will take her, but she never takes. It is difficult to advise something at such moments, so I just offered to pray for this situation. During the prayer, the children cried, because they had heart pain. We said that we have the Bible – the word of God, where the Lord speaks to everyone about His love and gives instruction for the life of people. At the end of the lesson, Lera and her sister Vlada came up and asked for a children’s Bible. The following Tuesday, the girls ran up and told that they read 50 pages on the first day and then read the Bible to each other in the following days. Then Vlada offered to pray that God would help them to leave the orphanage for the family of believers. A month later, our believing friends, the Yasku family, took two girls, Vlada and Lera, as well as their little brother Dannik. God gave hope through reading the children’s Bible. Recently we came to this family and the girls could not believe that religious people would take them to the family, to a big beautiful house where they were loved and cared for!

A person receives faith from hearing and we are glad that the word of God brought faith, and the prayers to Heavenly Father brought the answer!

At the moment there is only one child in the Smilovichy orphanage. But despite this, we continue to visit him alone, since each of us is valuable to us.