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In February: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: March 2, 2019 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

We are starting our February report with a prayer need. As spring approaches, we can see how sensitive children are to the season, both kids and teenagers are so distracted. Moreover, there is now free Wi-Fi in school, so many children stay where the signal is good and play games on their phones instead of going to our meetings. Those who stay in class with us can’t focus on the material we are going through.

Here is Vlada Mozharova, one of the volunteers sharing her impressions.

«At the last lesson, we tried to start working with the books that we handed out to 2 girls who came to the class. The first topic was about respect, the story about David and Saul was presented and eventually, it connected to the New Testament. When I was preparing for the class it seemed easy and understandable, but when we started talking we realised that children simply didn’t understand what we were talking about at all. It was really hard to simplify words so that they could understand the main idea.» As you can see, this is why we are concerned and need prayers, so we ask you to support us.

We especially would like to share with you about one event organised by the National School of Beauty that took place in Minsk on 2 March 2019. That was the truest fashion celebration. During the whole year, Belarusian designers had been preparing clothes for kids and teenagers. Children from different places with physical disabilities and those whose parents lost their parenting rights participated as models on the catwalk. We should mention that our friends were worried and extremely responsible throughout all rehearsals.

Without a doubt, being on the stage brings its changes to people’s behaviour. We knew some kids very well, and they showed us different sides of themselves. They were so serious, focused and so fashionable, you’d never say that they were naughty students. They were united by one thing: being modern, fashionable and full of purpose.

Our team came to support them during that exciting event. Children were so grateful, they smiled and were just so happy to see that someone came to support them. At the end of the event, we talked, took pictures together and said goodbyes.