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In February:“Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 1, 2019 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

This month, the number of children in the Smilovichi orphanage has increased due to planned inspections of families and their living conditions. The new children accepted us with joy and open heart, and also actively participate in studying Bible lessons, even though for them this is completely new knowledge. None of them had ever been to the Church or read the Bible.

We talked about important qualities of a person, such as: kindness, hard work and honesty, as the basis of communication with children. Talking about kindness, each of us cited as an example our own good deeds, as well as cases in which we consciously displayed an evil attitude towards people, which was a great lesson in life. In addition to our stories, we selected the stories of people described in the Bible, for example, the story of the Good Samaritan, which describes how kindness manifests itself very clearly. After all, if a person calls himself good, then this is surely manifested in his actions, otherwise it’s just words that have no power. We also described the qualities of God Himself, and the children understood that He is kind, He is honest and of course hardworking. Vika said she would like to be like the Good and Loving God. Our team is very fond of not only teaching children, but also listening to them, answering questions, showing respect for their personal opinions.

In addition to Bible lessons, we also had creative activities that children of different ages like very much. In addition to a good and pleasant time of communication with each other and our team, the children also reveal their talents. And we rejoice, getting to know the children closer and seeing how they rejoice in hand-made crafts!

In February: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 1, 2019 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Hello, dear reader!

I would like to tell you about how our ministry was going this month.

When we come to the orphanage, children run to meet us, and they run straight into our arms, and the first question they ask is: “How are you?”. Then the children share their experiences. Sometimes they need a person to whom they can ex

press their emotions, tell something, and share their secrets.

During this month we had a series of lessons with younger children. We were talking about courage, diligence, kindness, and compassion. The lessons we teach help not only children but also each of us in life.

The children remembered very well the lesson about courage. We said that David had a good relationship with God, and God was with David. We also told the story of how David defeated Goliath. After the lesson, the children showed a desire to pray, and they asked God to remove fear from their lives and help them to become brave like David.

It’s great to see that children change for the better, they sincerely pray after each lesson, and ask God for help in different realms of their lives. The Bible says: “Be like children” ( Matthew 18:3) and sometimes we lack sincerity and simplicity that children have.

We held contest games with older children and through this, they were able to let their energy out, switch off from everyday life, and fill up with good emotions. We also conducted a series of talks on a topic of faith. The children talked about the centurion, who surprised Jesus Christ with his faith. Moreover, we discussed how Jesus pacified the storm. Sometimes storms happen in our lives, and in such storms, our faith is being tested. After this story, a boy came up and asked how to overcome betrayal from friends, acquaintances. Sometimes God allows storms in our lives to show us that we have moved away from Him, and God brings us back to Him through such events. And I like that the children memorize the lessons. Through such events, we are trying to show the children that there is nothing impossible for God. It is very important to believe in God and trust Him.

In February: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 1, 2019 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

I am greeting all brothers and sisters! I would like to thank our friends who constantly pray with us for the development of the orphan ministry. Although February is the shortest month, it is however one of the sunniest and eventful one. We had an opportunity to visit the children at the Rudensk orphan school. In spite of the change of the authorities there, we can continue to visit the children and tell them about God’s love and teach them how to make right decisions.

We are happy to see how the children’s lives are transformed. We enjoy watching how younger children prepare pray. They ask God to give them good health and share their wish to have a family as soon as possible. We are touched not only by the sincerity of their prayers but even their preparation to it.

This month we spoke with the older ones about faith, which surprised even Christ (the Bible story of healing the servant of the Centurion). We also told them that God sees a person’s faith and helps while he or she doesn’t see anything.

We told them how Jesus calmed the storm and it explained that it meant that only God could lead us through dark periods of life. We often notice that orphans get broken and start to drink alcohol, steal things and get into trouble. They try ti get rid of inner emptiness with the help of sin but then they ask God: “why is it so bad, why am I so unlucky?”

The story of calming the storm shows that even when we walk with God we can have troubles but only God (neither friends nor alcohol and drugs) can help. We also had a relay race where everyone could participate and, despite the result, felt accepted. Such activities also help us to become closer to the children so they can see our sincere interest in them.

Moreover, this month we could meet with the graduates of this school. They graduated a few or even more years ago. This meeting helped us to see the consequences of their choice.

We could notice real changes in the lives of those who accepted Jesus Christ and were baptized. However, we had other stories. Fedya is one of the graduates. He is married and already has two children. However, just a few months ago his wife betrayed him and left him alone with two children who have health problems. He asked us to help him and pray for God’s leading for him. This is one more graduate Vika. She came there with her two-year-old son. She is pregnant again but her husband doesn’t pay much attention to her and she says that her marriage is hard for her. According to her words, she made a lot of mistakes so she can’t but gain strength and go further. She says that she prays for the changes from time to time. Other young people told us about their hard adaptation period at college or at work. They began to drink because it was hard for them to deal with bullying.

Our dear friends and all the visitors of our website! Let’s pray and ask God to help these graduates make right decisions in their lives and avoid mistakes. We also ask you to pray for the orphan ministry. We hope that God will expand our opportunities and help us become more productive in achieving the orphans. We also ask to pray for the administration and open doors despite the new principal! May God bless all of you!