In February:“Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 1, 2019 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

This month, the number of children in the Smilovichi orphanage has increased due to planned inspections of families and their living conditions. The new children accepted us with joy and open heart, and also actively participate in studying Bible lessons, even though for them this is completely new knowledge. None of them had ever been to the Church or read the Bible.

We talked about important qualities of a person, such as: kindness, hard work and honesty, as the basis of communication with children. Talking about kindness, each of us cited as an example our own good deeds, as well as cases in which we consciously displayed an evil attitude towards people, which was a great lesson in life. In addition to our stories, we selected the stories of people described in the Bible, for example, the story of the Good Samaritan, which describes how kindness manifests itself very clearly. After all, if a person calls himself good, then this is surely manifested in his actions, otherwise it’s just words that have no power. We also described the qualities of God Himself, and the children understood that He is kind, He is honest and of course hardworking. Vika said she would like to be like the Good and Loving God. Our team is very fond of not only teaching children, but also listening to them, answering questions, showing respect for their personal opinions.

In addition to Bible lessons, we also had creative activities that children of different ages like very much. In addition to a good and pleasant time of communication with each other and our team, the children also reveal their talents. And we rejoice, getting to know the children closer and seeing how they rejoice in hand-made crafts!

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Приветствую вас, дорогие братья и сёстры!
    Очень рад слышать что новые дети в приюте принимяли вас с радостью и открытыми сердцами! Слава Богу! И это видно на фотографиях – видно как радуются дети!
    Я также вижу по фтографии что дети получили подарки – одежду – это здорово что вы ещё и так помогаете детям! Слава Богу!
    Очень радостно слышать, что после уроков, девачка Вика сказала что она хочеь быть похожа на Хорошего и Любящего Бога! Это здорово, что дети так близко принимают Бога через ваши уроки! Вы – молодцы! Слава Богу!
    И здорово что вы продажаете развивать в детях творческие навыки!
    В обзем, вы всё хорошо делаете! Молодцы!!! Слава Богу!!!

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