In September: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters!

We thank you for praying and supporting our orphan’s ministry despite these difficult times! During this challenging season we see how difficult it is for orphans! The orphanage in Belynichi passed through covid-19. Many groups of children were sick. But we thank God for supernatural healing and restoration of the children! The orphans were quarantined and during that time they felt extremely lonely. What happened to you when you were in quarantine? – we asked kids. They answered that the sick children were treated, and the rest of the children were forced to be in isolation. The children shared that they often recalled our visits to their orphanage. We remembered songs and games that you learned with us, – they told us. They remembered how they felt during this period, and who was cheating in games. Someone made fun of others and began to shout: “The believers have arrived!” – and many children ran out of school to see us, but alas, there was no one and the one who shouted simply said that he was joking. The children even prayed that the counselors (that is, we) would come soon to their orphanage. At such moments, according to the children, it was important to feel that someone needed you. The children said: “We always know that you need us.”This year the director of the orphanage in Belynichi died. For many children it was a shock, and a tragedy because they loved Alexander Mikhailovich strongly. Many children called him dad. For our part we shared about God and believe that God worked in his heart. We are very glad that we can make trips to the boarding school again! Yes, we have to use personal protective equipment, but still we appreciate God’s answer. When we arrived, the children ran out with a cry of joy, and everyone wanted to hug us. “We are so glad to see you and we missed you so much, because you love us!” Love is manifested by action and it is so nice to hug the children again and see how they have grown up! Everyone has a whole bunch of stories, and everyone tried to attract our attention to share a story with us. We have prepared a program where we were able to share that God gives His peace and in this new academic year we will experience God’s love and care! Not only the children were happy to see us, but also their teachers, who also wanted to tell us not only about the children, but also about their families, and about their victories. After that start trips are made weekly, Thank God! Also we were able to visit the graduates of that orphanage, and I am so glad that God blessed us with a great time together. At the meeting we had 8 graduates who recently graduated from the orphanage in Belynichi. Everyone shared their experiences. “When I was released from the orphanage, says Karina, I cried every day and wanted to return back there.” Alesya echoes her: “There was more comfort for us at the orphanage, no one hurt or bullied us. It’s hard when you are an orphan and then you are at a school where all other children are from the families – they have a dad and a mom. Teens from families pay attention to you, and then some shows compassion, and some starts to scoff. When you came to the boarding school and share with us, we didn’t believe that it could be difficult after graduation from the orphanage. But the reality turned out to be even more difficult than you said. We do not know how to cook food, they have cooked for us all the years, and now we are on our own.” The graduates have come to a turning point and at that moment God sent us so that we could support them! We bought potatoes for the graduates so that they could cook their own food. We also introduced the graduates to the youth from the local church, so that them knew to whom they can turn to at the time a need. We prayed, talked about God and invited the graduates to the church. I am glad that in such moments of life the graduates are looking for God. Friends, let’s pray for the ministry so that we can continue to visit the children in the orphanages, as well as for the graduates of the orphanage, so that they will be open to God and go to church! Please pray for our team that God will keep us in His hand! Thank God for the opportunity to bring light and be salt for this earth!


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