In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Hello dear reader! I want to share the good news that despite the epidemiological situation in the world, God

opens the doors and sends us tools in order to go and serve orphanages. Many thanks to every person who prays for orphans, for our team, and for Belarus! Thank you all! Of course, we take care of the health of children and all employees of boarding schools, therefore we comply with all preventive measures to combat with the covid-19, and also, as Christians, we pray for

the children we serve! I want to tell you about our trips to Rudensk. The first two trips we came and spent time with the guys on the street. We communicated with them, played different games, and also each person from the team tried to focus on personal communication with the guys. We really wanted to pay attention to every child! The guys were very open, almost everyone talked about how they spent the summer, as well as how much they missed our team. For the next two weeks, we had Bible lessons with the children. The younger children were told about King David. That David was with God, and God gave David strength to overcome various difficulties. We talked about the importance of communication with God, you see that God is near and He helps every person who refers to Him with the faith. Also we discussed with the adolescents that now is the time to live. “Life is an invaluable gift that is given to us only once.” Beside that you don’t need to waste your life, because each of us has a purpose from God, and it is important to understand your personal purpose and try to fulfill it in your life.



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