In November: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Dear friends, I thank our God for the opportunity to serve Him by spreading His kingdom on the n17uHEzL3agBelarusian land! This month we were glad that the E5UxPx2OV9gheadship of the Belynichy orphanage allowed us to recommence our visits after a month break. The reason was that the children were sick and the headship decided to restrict the visit of children for some time. But thank God, the disease has abated, and we have the opportunity to visit guys again! When we were driving there again, each member of the team was a little excited, because we all missed the guys. Our arrival was a big surprise for children. Of course they were very excited to see us, and the news about our arrival instantly spread around the orphanage and soon the events hall was filled with children.

TGz2W9_R6JUqE0kP0i3HxwEvery child wanted to hug us and wanted us to talk to him. Even the children, who do not speak due to their mental and physical issues, shouted and squealed with joy! At that moment I thought of how much we all missed each other! Lockdown has shut children out of the world. It was impossible to visit children, and therefore, there was another reappraisal of values. We see that our visits this month were like a holiday for guys. First of all, we prayed with all guys in the events hall and thanked God for the opportunity to be in the orphanage. We sang praising God and also played and talked about God. We continue laying the foundation of their faith. At Christmas we will talk a lot about the Birth of Jesus Christ. Also, I would like to say that there are many new children who have recently arrived at the orphanage. Most of them hear about God for the first time, therefore it is especially important for them to get acquainted with Him and with the most vivid biblical stories. At our meetings children found out Who created the world and everything that fills it, as well as how God created a man. They found out how the first sin entered the world and what consequences it led to. We also shared with guys about the story of Cain and Abel. Our goal is to show the children that God wanted to save people from the sins accumulated from generation to generation, so He sent Christ to earth.

jBB1MkMPtP8WMkNlVGy9tcThe meetings we hold in the orphanages help the children to see that the Bible is a message of love. We pray for the health of children as well as for the ability to remember information. Also we pray for children’s ability to understand simple but meaningful and deep stories. I am so glad that children remember a lot of what we discuss during our meetings. We make review of a previous subjects to help them grasp the information. One of the aducator of the orphanage thanked us for coming to the children and told us about the changes that she can see in the children. Her words proved to us that God works in the children’s lives. She also said that orphans desperately need hope. We see that before our work with children wasn’t always welcomed by educators, they didn’t really like when we came and talked to the children about God but now the situation is changing and we get approval from them. Thank God that His word changes, including the hearts of educators!

KSTE6wU8bJszZGABworqSoI want to tell you a little bit about the graduates. We are so glad and grateful to God that graduates who have graduated from orphanages get housing! This month Katya Shlyaga got an apartment. We are so grateful to God that He opened the heart of the mentor from the college where Katya studies. She helped her to get housing! Also it is difficult for some guys who were graduates this year to settle in a new place. They spent their entire childhood in orphanages. But now they miss their old house they’re so used to and now they are stressful about being in a new place. We visit and support those graduates who can be visited. But there are some you can’t come to. And such children are in the hardest position! Let’s pray for these guys that God will help them in new places and that they will have friends. Let’s also pray for teachers and educators to treat the guys with understanding and lenience.

Friends, we are thankful to you for your prayers about our team and we are thankful to God for your prayers for orphans who are in boarding schools and need salvation! We believe that joint service will bring salvation to children’s lives!

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