In November: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

At the moment, there are five children in the Smilovichi social center. There are four girls and a boy. All of ULFUKQ-S5VYthe children are from the same family.  They are very bright, beautiful, and communicative children, who got into a hard life situation. Milana, who is the oldest girl, sometimes behaves like a mum.-XkED5x-GLI She tries to discipline her siblings with words or hugs them and holds their hands to comfort them. On the one hand, it is good when children show care to each other, but at the same time, we want so much that their childhood will be real childhood and kids will not have to act like adults! Dasha and Angelina have very noticeable speech problems. Both girls stutter very much and, as a result, they often avoid talking with little known people although they are very sociable and love attention. What is good in this situation is that these girls get a lot of help here. The speech therapist and the psychologist work with them, and they attend a comprehensive school. Nazar, who is LgA4XMLY6ugtheir brother, doesn’t usually try to grasp our attention, however, he, like any child, loves when someone hugs him, gives him presents, and just listens to him during a conversation. The youngest girl is Kira. We shared about her birthday not long ago. She turned four at that time. This little girl has serious hearing problems, so we have to talk with her using sign language. That is a good experience for our team! 9eHEiJKRNPADespite Kira’s hearing problem and her young age, we try to involve her in our program. Christian songs with movements are a great help here because Kira takes part in them with great pleasure. She also likes bright pictures that we use during the Bible lessons. The situation with Kira shows us once again that the word of God is living and active and love destroys all the boundaries! Glory be to God for that! In December, Kura is going to the hospital. She will is going to have a tMvs9pfE-Y8thorough examination, which will show if she has any chance to have surgery that will restore her hearing. We hope for God’s mercy and firmly believe that there is nothing impossible for Him!

In November, we have discussed a few Bible stories. The children have found out about Moses and the journey of the Israel people across the desert. They have also learned about the wise queen Esther through whom God saved the whole nation from destruction. The children were especiallyugziR9HImtc astonished and excited about the story of Jonah, who was in the belly of the big fish! While sharing this story, we could remind the children one more time that God hears us any time and in any place. Even in the belly of the big fish! We could also tell them that God was omnipresent. At our last meeting, we had a creative activity, during which we could revise all the Bible stories, that we had shared with the children this month.

Dear friends, we would be glad if you supported little Kira in your prayers and also keep praying for our team that continues serving orphans and orphanage graduates of our country!

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