In November: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

In November, trips to Rudensk were every week. A lot of children came to the meetings, also, there were 3_4HzsCmdqQalso newcomers who had not been before.

After one of the meetings, my friend Artem came to me, usually we discuss different topics with him: about what he has read in the Bible, what challenges now he is fighting. On my question what is he now reading in the Bible at the moment, he replied that now he read the Bible very rarely. (Because of the quarantine of trips to Rudensk) I said that it was very important to read the Bible, because it was a word from God himself, and it changes and transforms our lives. If we do not read the Bible, our faith will weaken. Artem 7IaeDt07pbosaid that after meetings with us, his faith strengthened and his desire appears to learn more about God and thank us that we come to them!

skcVPrYbWHUFor a variety, on one of the meetings we watched the cartoon: “Supebook:” Queen Esther “”. In the end we discussed with the guys how important it is to trust God and sometimes in order to prove the truth, we have to risk even our lives that we have seen on the example of Queen Esther, but God is always with us and will support us!

TUB8rBL-G9YAt the last of the meetings, our team and children, especially with the boys, went to the gym. We told the boys, that it is very important to give time for your body and even in the Bible it says that our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit (1st Cor). In order to withstand various difficulties in life, you should also handle and train our body to be strong. Moreover, our mood is changing when we are engaged and achieved good results. We conducted a familiarization training and showed the boys how to do the exercises correctly, to breathe correctly, and how to do at home, if there is no equipment. It was also important for us to show the boys that the life of a believer man is also interesting and saturated and we also engage in sports!

hz6Sd12ogGESeparately from the guys, a meeting was held for girls from 12 to 19 years, on which we observed the topic of relationships with guys and how to keep themselves before marriage. We talked about the importance of relationships with God, accepting his love in order to get out of school, do not look for love in the guys. Girls said that they really lack love, tenderness, kind words. We answered that all of these they will find in the Word of God and during prayer.

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