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In March: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: April 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Hello, our dear readers! The month of March was filled with joyful meetings with the children from the 27_ciP0_QP0Belynichi orphanage. This month we have finished studying the topics about the miracles of Jesus Christ that He performed during His life on earth, and the most important thing we wanted to convey to them is that the time of Jesus’ miracles is not over, because He has risen, which means He is alive today! We consolidated the topics covered by watching a film about the miracles of Christ manifested in AetTmDlGFeEthe modern world. It is difficult to describe in words the delight that the children expressed! For many, it was really surprising that the miracles did not end and that Jesus could manifest them in the life of each of the children who would believe in Him. While watching the movie, many guys turned away to quietly wipe off their tears. And after the meeting, each of them wanted us to talk to him or her and pray for their needs. It P5HlAIY7D5Iwas felt that each child had his own hope for his own personal miracle. Next, we have started a series of topics about David, which we hope to continue next month. Another joyful thing of this month was the opportunity for more people from the team to come to the boarding school, thanks to which there was an opportunity to personally communicate with a large number of children. Today, beside our small country, events D7vpoNPeNQAare taking place that cause pain, fear and confusion. Therefore, our team is now even more actively trying to support orphans, because they are already deprived of parental warmth and are in isolated conditions in many ways, and now they need support, encouragement and hope even more. Very soon the next graduates will leave the boarding school. Therefore the guys try to spend as much time as possible with our team, Q-nRla5dQ40help arrange chairs and equipment before meetings, maintain discipline and are already asking if we can come to visit them and communicate with them after they graduate from the school. And the children who are still at school are happy that they will have the opportunity to come to our meetings many more times! It is also very inspiring that a large number of teachers have come to our meetings, they can also hear about God in a simple and accessible way. There are fewer and fewer teachers who once were against the believers! Thank God! We thank everyone who continues to support our ministry financially and prayerfully, as well as everyone who simply cares about the fate of the orphans of our country!