In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

41sgFuuzvec1rew8EVlk8AThis year there weren’t many graduates at Rudensk orphanage, that’s why not so many children left school. Currently, the majority of children continue attending our meetings. According to our good tradition, we devoted the first meeting to the conversation with the children so they could share their news and tell us about the events that took place in their lives during the summer vacation. It’s interesting that the children in Rudensk, unlike the children in all the other orphanages we visit, eagerly asked where our team was and how our summer went. They were trying to find out about every person, who had been visiting them during the previous study year. We devoted our next meeting to the relay race as the children from Rudensk orphanage like it so much. Sport is highly appreciated here.

tsq-3v0iyW4TMXrHbiHXpMThe children go swimming actively, play football, and are keen on skiing during the winter period. They often take part in different contests and competitions among other schools and regions and often take prize-winning places. During one of our meetings, they asked Alyona to pray for the coming football competition. They were asking for getting exactly the first place not second or third. When we came the next time we heard a lot of words of admiration for how God had answered Aloyna’s and their prayers and God himself had helped them win! In such moments, we are filled with joy because God answers prayers and sends such great testimonies to these children’s lives! Glory be to Him for that!

MT6Iumx04wQ8NzHbcUB2boDuring our next meetings, we started the series of topics of our program ‘You are special’. The fact is that these children experienced rejection, and had problems with self-acceptance, and their appearance which had traumatized them deeply. Sometimes such a state leads children, especially teenagers, to either closedness and insecurity or aggressiveness and wish to mock others or humiliate them. Exactly for that reason, we decided to discuss the series of topics from the program ‘You are special’ so that everyone will be able to know that God treats every person with such love and affection and He created each of these children unique and incomparable!

Thanks to everyone who has been with us for so many years and is still faithful in their prayers!

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