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In November: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

New guys have arrived in Smilovichi this November. So Alesia and Max don’t feel so lonely now, because along with them there N8HDc7LoB_8Cji6yQkObsAare other children who are in a similar life situation and have similar experiences. At the moments of the arrival of new children we have ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, it is good that there is an opportunity to talk about God to new children, but on the other hand, it is upsetting that some more children are in a difficult situation and for certain reasons are experiencing separation from their parents.

So, let’s get acquainted! The whole family came to the orphanage again. Dima, who is 13 years old, Polina, 11 years old, and 2GBUDAujbmAVladik, who is only 4 years old. Unlike MaxcjHj2bBxNPg and Alesya, those children’s relatives often visit them and there is hope that the children will be able to return to their native family. Speaking about the guys themselves, Dima is a more open and cheerful boy who quickly became friends with our team. Polina also tries very hard to be sociable, but because of the stress and rejection that the girl has experienced, she often competes, envies other guys and shows aggression. And little Vladik most of all likes talking about the fact that he has a father and mother who will come for him soon. It’s feels like Vlad misses his parents especially much and seems to convince himself that he definitely has them and that he will be taken away from the orphanage soon. Our team is trying to support the children and direct their thoughts and dreams to God, because there is nothing impossible for Him!

bT7_xgnBRoAQWOR6jcH-mYIn November, we told the children the life story of Moses, through whom God saved the Israeli people from Egyptian slavery. And the guys also learned the 10 commandments that God left to all people through Moses, which are still important and relevant for all mankind today. At the end of the month, we started introducing the guys to a new biblical hero – David. We talked about the fact that God, unlike people, primarily looks at the human heart, and also that God knows even the most hidden thoughts and secrets and sees the very depths of our hearts. To make the children remember the story better, we had a mini-play in which each of them took part. Someone was the prophet Samuel, whom God sent for a new king, someone was Jesei, among whose sons God chose a king, someone was the shepherd David, who once fought with a lion, and someone was responsible for the hearts that God pays so much attention to. We also told the children the story of David’s battle with the giant Goliath. We hope to continue further study of David’s life story with the children in December. At the very last meeting of November, we met two more new children. Two brothers – a 12 year-old Vlad, and a 2 year-old Roma. They are still a little closed and keep distance, but we really hope that we can make friends with them. Dear friends, thank you to everyone who supports us! This is very valuable! May God bless you!

In November: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Fall came to its end, and so did one more month, during which we served the orphans of our country.S4yf7tVOtN0 In the middle of the month E_nY_y3xap4our team and church devoted time to Prayer Day for orphans. It is always a blessed time, because we can remind believers again about God’s special attitude to orphans and call them to pray more often for these children and serve them. But at the same time, we talked with the children about how God takes care of them and called them not only to expect that somebody will pray for them but that they will also learn to pray for themselves and each other.   This month we finished discussing the series of topics from the program ‘You are special’. Thanks to this program, children learn 07x81nB8L-ws5y-PV4h6bgto accept God’s view of a person, treat each other as God’s creation and see the individuality of other children as their worth but not as a weakness. At the closing meeting, we talked about the perfect and unconditional love for people that God showed through the cross of Calvary, where His beloved Son was crucified. The atmosphere of this meeting was filled with special peace and joy. At the end of the meeting, all the children who were present prayed the repentance prayer! What will be after that? We believe that after that, God will not leave these children, and we will try to be an example and the mentors who will help them get to know their Heavenly Father better and better.

flVKjq3ampcIYIzWcdho2MMoreover, we had a sports relay race which the children love. We love these activities because we can learn more about the children’s characters. New children attend these events too, so we can invite them to our Bible lessons. This time we had the thematic relay race. As the snow had already fallen and it’s been quite frosty, the children are already looking forward to Christmas and New year celebrations, we decided to devote this activity to the topic of Christmas. And at the end, we had a great opportunity to talk with the children about the coming birthday of Jesus Christ who brought joy, peace, and hope to people!

-F0TNtb_7bcZNAUeMCyNSYDuring the very last meeting of this month, we separated boys and girls and had ‘Boys’ time’ and ‘Girls’ time’. At these meetings, Iliya talked with the older boys and Nastya talked with the girls about hygiene. It may seem that this topic is very casual and simple. Nevertheless, because of their orphanhood and experience of being rejected, they still have to learn to take care of themselves and their bodies, accept and love themselves. Moreover, this topic was not only about body hygiene, but also about the cleanness of thoughts and a heart, as this is also important in God’s eyes. At the end of the meeting everyone who came got different hygienic things as presents. We are very grateful to God that the ministry to orphans is still going on today, and there are so many kind and faithful friends who help with their resources and have been supporting our team in prayers for so many years! May everyone who is not indifferent to the lives of the orphans be blessed!

In November:“Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

Greetings, dear friends!

c7XJ6aY6S0QmGtBx-3Z95YThe month of November passed quickly. During that month we had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Vileika orphan boarding school. At this difficult time, which the whole world and our country are passing through, we see how grace is multiplying. Every meeting with children is special and our meeting topics are too. We are discussing what concerns young people the most now. This month we talked a lot about plans in life. Many guys don’t know how to make plans, they don’t even understand why do this. Because everything is scheduled for children in orphanages, every day they wake up at the same time, at the exact time they go to eat, study and etc. We see that in the future, if the guys are not taught how to make plans, they will have big problems! That’s why we talked to them about planning, about who and what influences our choices and how to avoid people who can ruin our lives. The older guys said that they and their friends are already deciding what they are going to do in the future. Then we discussed different situations and talked about what this or that choice could lead to. But taking care of the future we can forget that it is also necessary and important to build relationships with God. Cause we do not know how long we will live, and only God can give us confidence and hope! Then one teenager said: “I understand that we need to build relationships with God, but it’s not popular!”.

UBnhtP8bMu4LM0Mcu8xoL0Then we talked about death and what happens after it — every person will meet God and it is important during our earthly life to make a decision to follow God. If we say we don’t believe in God then when we die and see God, what will happen then? The guys said that it would be scary! And then I said, “In order not to have fear we need hope, which only God can give.” At that moment the grins and jokes stopped and silence reigned in the hall. “Nobody tells us about it,” the guys said. Then I said that we are here so that you have as few mistakes in your life as possible. Evil companies, premature pregnancy, theft, deception – even all of this we can’t compare to the last day when God will reject all those who love evil. Therefore when planning life we should not forget about this.

_MD1T8a7ji080hAu3epXTUWhen we visited children another time we told them that God is looking for a meeting with them. So our first topic for discussion was how to build our relationships with friends, teachers, relatives. The guys expressed many interesting points but there wasn’t any unified response. “We would love to be able to trust and feel safe with our loved ones and friends, but we are not because we have been betrayed so often that now we cannot have complete trust to anyone,” the guys shared. But as we gradually were unveiling the topic we came to the understanding that God can become our close friend who will never betray. We said to the guys that when anyone is praying and reveals his heart and problems to God he would notice that God has put all of these in order and it brings peace and comfort to the heart. Sometime during a prayer God reveals what is best to do or who you need to forgive. Prayer is a conversation between God and man. Therefore it is important not only to speak but also to listen, and when thoughts come into your mind memorize or write them down, so that later you can think whether these thoughts were from God or not. Prayer is a powerful weapon that helps to fight against depression as well as unforgiveness. Therefore we were talking about the importance of forgiveness of your offenders as well as parents, teachers, friends. We considered the steps how to do it. Also guys were taught how to pray. All the topics are simple and it is parents who instill them into our hearts in our childhood. We are glad that we can be part of a team that fills in the gaps of education in the lives of these guys!

In November: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 29, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

VFjkSWYiC2sIn November at the Belynichi orphanage we talked about 960eZaznqT8Abraham’s faithfulness, about the God’s promise and how faithful God is in his promises. The example of Abraham showed how the Lord can bless those who trust Him. We also talked to the guys about the purity of relationships using the example of Sodom and Gomorrah: the Lord hates fornication so much that he sent his angels to destroy these cities. Also we talked about Joseph. We talked about God’s care in different situations, how He raises people from hopeless situations. We wanted to show that the Lord can raise from the very bottom and make a person to be the most important person in the country.

X7NTkabK_38DpyAvVIfdagA lot of guys come to the meeting every time. They look at the surveillance camera and when we arrive they joyfully greet us in the lobby. At one of the meetings we talked about forgiveness. Because Christ emphasized the importance of forgiveness a lot. We tried to tell the guys how important it is to forgive ourselves, parents, our abusers, those who betrayed us and not blame God for any failures in our life. One of the girls — Kira, said that she is not able to forgive her father. At the end of the meeting we suggested the guys to turn to God with a request to give them a power to forgive the offenders and to aske the Lord to heal the wounds of their hearts. The guys said the words of prayer loudly. We believe that for many of them it was a significant point in life, even if now we cannot see it so clearly.

In November: “World Day of Prayer for Orphans”

Posted: November 2, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Uncategorized

“November 13 is the World Day of Prayer for Orphans. If you care about the futures of orphans, you can make a difference! You may not only pray for orphans during the day, but also visit them in orphanages, run charity campaigns at you local church or organization. Besides that, during your church service you may devote sermons, songs, poems etc. to this issue.”