In May:”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 30, 2012 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

In May, we again had the opportunity to organize more trips to the Belynichi orphanage. This is not often, so it is especially pleased for us! As always, we had the opportunity to play with the children, tell them something new and important, sing and just talk personally with those who are especially need in it. The program of this month was very busy, but on our meetings were fewer children than usual, because some of them have already left for vacation in Italy. In addition, some children leave school this year and soon they will be sent to study in different colleges. On the one hand we are happy that they soon will enter into an adult and independent live. We rejoice that they will be free from hard and depressing life in an orphanage, but at the same time we worry that the guys will not get lost in this world that they will not left without help and support that they need so much.
This month cam
e to and end. Children, who can not spend the summer in Italy or elsewhere, will be left on one month in the orphanage, where they are most likely to work in the garden or helping to repair the building of the orphanage. And then they will be distributed to different camps. By the end of August, we probably will not be able to see the guys, so we ask you to pray with us that the God will save their lives and for they do not forget what we were trying to teach them all year long!

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