In May: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: June 5, 2012 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

This month, we visited an orphanage in Smilovichi twice. The first meeting we had with children in a relaxed atmosphere for the viewing of the Christian cartoon. For that special thanks to God that He gives wisdom to Christians to grow in different directions to reach the good news, even for small hearts through the usual things such as cartoons.
On the second our meeting we’ve brought with us … stones and the paint. And we’ve got a fascinating journey into the world of childhood fantasies. Anyone could give freedom to his imagination, inventing new images for simple stones. Someone turned the ladybug, someone chicken, or chafer. Older children are also interested in ourunusual occupation. So we all had a good time, which, as always, flew by very quickly.
We are always pleased with the relations of caregivers to us, because for them it means a small segment of leisure time and recreation. Why do they always thank us, and we thank God for this blessed time!

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